Questions for Leolaia (possibly the board's brainiest poster :)

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    Leo is one smart and sexy little pagan ;)

  • watson

    Good one Jimmy!

  • mrsjones5

    Leo is the brainiest person on this here board, but she's so down to earth and sweet that you can't help liking and admiring all that goes on in her brain. And I feel sort of a kinship to Leo because of my son Joshua.

  • snowbird
    an Aspergerish mind for researching subjects in depth and recalling facts and data, I have a pretty good grasp on the gamut of early Jewish and Christian literature and the various ideas and views in them and expressed about them. So for a lot of things, I don't need to consult any books or articles at all. I can visualize quite easily, for instance, the structure of the book of 1 Enoch and the different stages through which the these components were written, and the many interesting ideas and literary connections found in each part.

    Leo is very down-to-earth and nice.

    When I was in school, I could recall entire paragraphs, complete with footnotes of study material.

    If a teacher gave us a 25-word spelling test list, I could simply whisk out a sheet of paper and start writing the words from memory.

    I always thought it was an eidetic memory. but it just may have been Asperger's.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Thank you, Dave--I believe that the point is very well made that those who control the text can create stories. I did look through the material and took in what I was able of it. I have known that there are problems in the text the more one considers parts of it. I also know that centuries of religious rulers have beamed in on holy writings as their tool of choice for keeping people childlike before themselves --not before God.

    Oddly, I find more compelling than some anonynous "other" writing to me ( and aren't we wondering who wrote what?) to think of the value of oral traditions in conveying important truths--I think that the idea of important information might be more truly passed on from parent to child.

    The connection between a parent and a child is less fraught with the twisted motives that poison a priesthood. We are broken societies, especially our religious societies. Those who write to extend the reach of their voice risk having other interfere with the message--or even inventing messages that they never wrote.

    The power of a pure oral tradition having benevolent effects is interesting to think about. There is the well documented account of an island tribe in the path of the Huge tsunami of a few years past-who had an oral teaching that saved the entire village from destruction. It was integrated into everybody's mind so completely that when the sign of imminemt danger showed itself when the fast retreating tide exposed a vast sandy plain of fish all ran as one. Their loving ancesters had for centuries told the story and cast forward the bare essentials of warning for their distant offspring.

    The blog is of some interest but I find it is glib in it's dismissal of gospel love that reaches beyond the family circle but does not exclude it. Just as it is hard to create ethical equations that fully prescribe behaviors that serve the needs of one person and doesn't tread on the needs of another.

    At present I have the idea that some stories were told by individuals to their households. They had great value to that community of people. Butthey were not to fall into the hands of "priests".

    There is no one group that I trust to tell the stories now. Not even scholars know what is gold and dross entirely. I believe that God still reaches us with his spirit and it is good.My sense is that there was one called Jesus who did say never to be a Leader nor to follow one. I take that saying to heart--whether I can prove who said it or not.

  • cofty

    Always enjoy your posts Leo, thank you for taking the time to post as you do. Would love to see you in a productive debate, need to find you a worthy "opponent"

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    A point for all the zombie lovers out there..... Brains!!!!! Brains!!!!

    Now we know who they'll eat first

    </end humorous tag>

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    Mad Sweeney

    I find it interesting how presumably none of us guys have a clue what Leolaia looks like and yet many of us perceive her as "sexy." Just goes to show that a brain really is the major organ of attraction for our species in the information age.

    I hope this sort of talk isn't embarrassing to you, Leo. This entire thread is clearly (I hope) done with the utmost respect for you.

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    I know what she looks like (there are a few pics of her on the board) and I thinks she's very cute in a Sally Field/Gidget kind of way.

  • Lozhasleft

    Well its obvious that she is one very clever lady...and very appreciated.

    Loz x

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