The Generation Watchtower (TOMORROW!) and The Cough of Incredulity

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  • wannabefree

    Crap! I just went over the lesson with my wife. She knows my feelings about it cuz I have mentioned it several times since the study edition first came out at jw dot org. Still doesn't phase her! I imagine it will be a non-event at the hall tomorrow. Thinking back, I don't even remember the wicked people definition, and I think I was an elder then!

    Before I came here to vent I nearly posted the dictionary definition on generation as my facebook status ... probably would've caused some problems.

    Thanks Yknot for the words of wisdom.

  • inkling
    He evidently meant that the lives

    Ahhh, "evidently"... Is there no bullshit you can't sell?

    Forget love, in JW land, "evidently" covers a multitude of sins.


  • Quandry

    Every time they explain the "generation" it is different, but always evident!!!!

  • Cadellin

    Count me in for the cough of incredulity--hell, I'll cough on para 10 & 14!

  • sspo

    Anyone has a scan of page 10 or 14?

  • cattails

    You can still download the PDF of the April Study WT from

  • cattails

    I'm listening in to the meeting at my old congregation, back West, on the phone

    there's been coughing at the 9-10th paragraph question about three different

    coughs. At the 13-14th paragraph reading, during the start of the 14th a lot

    of coughing. Then during the reading of the question about three different

    coughs were discernible.

    The meeting at the congregation I'm visiting is in the afternoon, so I'm

    practicing my one and only comment during the WT study, that is I'm

    going to cough out loud during the 10th and 14th paragraphs.

    If you attended the meeting today how did it go in your


  • Lady Viola
    Lady Viola

    It was AWFUL! The talk before the Watchtower was about 'loyalty' and although the brother who gave the talk was nice and did a good job, it was all about loyal to Jehovah (read: his organisation) and that Jehovah hates disloyal people etc. etc.

    Then song 116: the light is getting brighter. I needed a bucket by that time.

    During the Watchtower I was almost eating my pen en went to the loo twice to bang my head against the cold tiles, I was so angry I couldn't breathe! But no coughing or anything unusual in my congregation. Everybody just acted normally: talking and laughing with each other, giving answers, reading scriptures and just agried with it all... I don't understand it... at all!

    I was singing this song on the way back. (love this version of it by the way)

  • Michelle365

    I just got back from mine. I walked in during the reading of paragraph 13. Perfect timing, IMO. lol.

    The conductor was already OLD when I was a child so he must be about 90 now. When they asked "who make up "this generation" meantioned by Jesus?" they let a child answer quoting directly from the paragraph. The conductor commented after the child and said "overlap, did you get that? I like that word. So there were some on hand but they're all gone now and the generation has passed so NOW our understanding is that it will overlap with some younger ones." I had to start coughing again there, this time to cover my laughter. I wasn't sure if the conductor was buying it or subtly trying to get people to think. Then he said I see more hands but we need to move on and started to cover the Are You Keeping Up box. I waited until after paragraph 15's comments just to see if anyone would go back to the new light, but no one did. All in all I was there for 11 minutes.

  • seawolf

    I can't really listen in to the washtowel study over the phone because the circuit undertaker is there today. Guess I could see if the coughs happen when they read the question.

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