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  • StAnn

    JG, good to hear from you! I wondered how you were doing. We'll be going to Kings Island in August also. I haven't been in years but I'm going to take the kids for the "family" rides, no rollercoasters! This is a test for me because, if it's as much fun as I remember, next year we'll buy Gold Season Passes. But I'm not forking over the money until I'm sure.

    BTW, the Mountain Days festival has been cancelled for this year due to lack of funds. However, they're expecting it to resume next year.


  • Scott77

    I dated a girl from Kentucky last year for almost a whole year. I was not happy with her from the beginning, even though she was a nice girl. She was just too clingy and too agreeable. Everything I liked, she liked, everything I hated, she hated. She even started to switch her politics to match mine, and that was only on the 2nd date.

    JG, First of all, its great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing. However, Iam surprised. convectional wisdom is that, people are successful in marriage only if they have something in common, same liking which attracts them like a magnet. Look! its not with you. I think, this fundamentally changes the ways how we regard this belief system of relationship. We often say, 'he/she is not my type'. In your case, she is like your type of course but nop, she is not your liking. Ok, that is it. No problem.

  • yknot

    I am glad you popped in for an update....

    I have oft wondered what happened to you and Amanda!

    Overjoyed to hear you have taken more control of your life!

    Every such step only makes you a better man, easy in your own skin!

    I think it demands an updated pic for your avatar too!

    Sisterly Hugs

  • Junction-Guy

    Scott77, to answer your question, I really wasn't too interested in her from the get go, but on the insistance of a friend I tried to give it a shot. I told her upfront I was looking to take things slow, but she was too head over heels too quickly.

    Her true likes and dislikes probably didn't match mine nearly as much as she claimed. She was just too agreeable. She was like a parrot for everything I said. I respect a woman who has her own beliefs and is not ashamed of them, but she was willing to compromise her beliefs and her tastes to match mine, and that was a turnoff for me.

    The sad part is I really did enjoy hanging out with her at first, but after that it became a chore. I started purposefully missing her phone calls, and I would go a whole week without even calling her.

    The only reason it took me so long to break up with her was I was trying to figure out a way to break it off without her having a nervous breakdown.

    She was barely 6 months divorced, and was looking for the first man to marry. I told her upfront that I was just getting out of a bad marriage and I was wanting to take things slow. I wasn't nearly in a hurry to remarry as she was, and therein was the problem.

    Since we broke up, I found out through the grapevine, that she was having an affair with 2 different married men, one before we met, and one after we met. The funny thing is 6 weeks after we broke up she was already engaged to the first guy that came along.

    I am so thankful I got out of that mess when I did.

  • Junction-Guy

    I meant to say that she was having an affair with a married man after we broke up, as far as I know she wasn't cheating with anyone while we were dating.

    And for Serena, thanks for the update.  Now that Mountain Days is cancelled, I can go on with other plans.  August will be a busy month for me.

  • jaguarbass

    Hello Junction Guy. Good to hear from you.

  • Gayle

    So glad you are having a joyful and peaceful life and active. Great about your weight loss, your health!! So good you were able to 'spot' on a negative relationship and get out of it! Best wishes to you!

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    What Minimus said.

  • Scott77
    I am so thankful I got out of that mess when I did.

    JG, that is great to clarify and thank you alot for that. I can certainly see that trusting one's gut is very helpful. I can say too from personal experiences that it helped a lot to ward off potential complications in relationships. I recall dating a young JW woman way back and she seemed to love of course based on my initial understanding. And it was myself who initiated the relationship in the first place. However, it become obvious as we interact together that she was not my type. Eventually, we had to stop it. I feel so grateful in that Iam now an Ex-JW with no committment to a JW woman and any children that might have come out of it. I followed my gut and it helped in this respect like JG has done.

  • Weeping

    This woman was dating married men whle dating you. You did the correct thing in leaving her. Very often women who string along multiple men are satan worshipers. It's a way to feel powerful and to use a man's fleshly desires to pull them from God.

    I am concerned over why this other man is inviting you along with his family vacation. I'm glad you found a new friend but something just seems a bit odd. I fear this man could possibly be a homosexual and has targeted you. Just be careful.

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