generation overlap

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  • cskyjw.sun

    in 1914 say an anoited was 14 years old lived up to 80years old in 1980;and then another jw became anoited say at age of 20and lives up to 100 years old,then "this generation" would stretch the end would extend for another 50 years

  • diamondiiz

    In 2060 anther dub became anointed at age of 20 and lived for 80 years and the generation extended until 2140 and so forth.

  • jwfacts

    Your calculations are correct.

    so the end would extend for another 50 years

    But your conclusion is not quite right. The GB have proven that the generation can extend forever. The 2008 generation teaching was that it was a 2000 year generation including all the anointed. Now it is an overlap. In 50 years it may become an overlap of an overlap. The GB can make up any illogical definition and most of the followers will agree without question.

  • shamus100

    Some who still doubt that it's not the truth try to grasp the understanding of the ever-changing new light...

    There is nothing to understand. The WTBTS is complete, 100percent bullshit. From Miracle Wheat to changing generations to child molesters to false prophecies.... you have to be needy to believe the bullshit. Jehovahs Witnesses are needy, low-self esteemed people. Perfect people for believing the ever-changing 'new light' despite overwhelming evidence they are wrong.

    Where else can you clean toilets your whole life, blame all of society for your wrongs (persecution complex) and get pats of the back feeling self-righteous and haughty for regurgitating answers at a watchtower study? I say nowhere but at your local Kingdumb Hall. Anyone can join, and anyone can go back. In fact, I heartily encourage those who believe it is still the truth to go back.

  • mentallyfree31

    Remember: The teaching used to be that the last days started in 1799. People believed that for decades. Russell died believing this. But once they got over 100 years past 1799 and into the 1920's I believe, they changed 1799 to 1914 as the start of the last days.

    So therefore, sometime after 2014 (who knows - perhaps 2020 or 2030) - when 1914 is well past 100 years in the past, they will update the date again. People will grin and say "wow, it's so wonderful to be in the truth.....Jehovah is just making things so much clearer as time goes on"..


  • EndofMysteries

    Evidently, once this generation dies off, it will be 'evident' that Jesus meant the generation would overlap THREE TIMES. That's why 3 was such a big number, and he come down the mountain THREE times. Why everybody is so stupid right now to not see that, is why they will use the word, 'evidently', because although THEY enforce and make the mistakes, it's evident that 'everyone' was mistaken so they will make the 'clarification' evident.

  • shamus100


    So true, so true.

    And they are master manipulators - they push the scripture "where else shall we go?". I don't think Jesus thought that when he turned apostate by going against the scribes and pharisees. He grew a set and set them straight.

    Truly, you have to be a brain-dead turd or really needy to be in that high-control group. The safety mechanisms are already in place, 10 Print "ever changing light" 20 got to 10, run. Gosub "ever changing light", gosub "where else shall we go" if else end.

    Regurgitation at it's finest.

  • notverylikely

    Shamus... BASIC, really?

  • shamus100

    It's as basic as, well, BASIC. Brain-dead turds run the corporation that buy into it. It's a great multi-level marketing scheme based on human being's needs.

    In other words, it's absolute, complete, 100 percent, utter bullshit end of story. If anyone wants to believe it, it's their life, I'll give them the address to the kingdumb hall, and I wish them all the best. And in fact, I do hope they make it to this new system where they will pet lions, tigers, and clean up shit and garden in eternity. Personally, i'd rather be dead than live in that fairy-tale world. I prefer reality.

  • teel
    So therefore, sometime after 2014 (who knows - perhaps 2020 or 2030) - when 1914 is well past 100 years in the past, they will update the date again.

    Don't forget the 120 years of Noah. They might put more emphasis on that as we get closer to 2034. At around 2040 the date 1914 would sound so stupid they will have to do something about it, maybe dropping it, or simply de-emphasising it, mentioning less and less, and after 20 years from then they'll say it was the R&F's fault for misunderstanding.

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