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  • finallysomepride

    So I am now of the Generation that saw the American Civil War, the New Zealand Maori/British wars etc etc - what a joke

  • Bluegill

    why yes you are! it makes perfect sense to me! Please pass the kool-aid!!

  • Sherilynn

    NO....You all got it wrong...It is only the "many present day annointed ones" who were Fred Franz contemparies per the DC I think given in Arizona:

    To illustrate: F.W. Franz was born in 1893, baptized in 1913, and thus alive to discern “the sign” in 1914 Since Brother Franz lived until 1992,, many present –day anointed ones were contemporaries of his and are part of the “generation” that Jesus said would not pass away “until all these things occur” That DC talk also referred to: "the youngest member of the GB served in full time service as a contemporary of Franz for over 20 yrs and the oldest men of the GB 50 yrs, neither were annointed or around to discern the beginning sign of 1914, but both are part of the generation , their lives overlaping with those who would have been the contemporaries all the way through of Brother Franz." we can conculde we are deep into the system of things.

    When I talked with Patterson they confirmed the Present Day Annointed, but did not have to be a member of the GB it would be any annointed and only these ones would see the signs of the beginning of the great tribulation.....SO YOU SEE IT WONT GO ON AND ON, IT WONT BE EXTENDED TO ANOTHER GENERATION OF ANNOINTED.

    The 2008 generation change and the change in 1935 door not being closed for newly annointed to come into the organization made it look like the generation that would not pass away could be extended "forever", maybe the GB got too much feedback that some were leaving the organization so now the are giving us this clarification that we still can calculate the end time by using this NEW LIGHT OF WHO THAT GENERATION REALLY IS: 2 groups but the 2nd group is living now and will see the start of the great tribution, Yeah.........

    I feel so much better knowing we know that generation of annointed are living in this present day and we surely will see the end of the system. Maybe the GB does have a list of the worldwide annointed and their ages who were alive when Fred Franz was so that can quietly keep track and provide the literature to remind us how deep we are as the last few of the group two remain alive.

    Now I can tell others that they really need to study because this generation in group two is starting to get old and soon few will be left so we need to come into the only organization that has the truth that is ever increasing with accurate knowledge that leads to life.

    Better go

  • straightshooter

    It is truly interesting (barf) how the GB has extended the time by including a 2nd group. Yes they currently say that the 2nd group will see Armageddon and that the end is soon. But the GB repeatedly said the same thing about the 1st group. Everything that now applies to the 2nd group the 1st group was suppose to have experienced. The definition of a generation does not apply to multiple groups except as explained by the GB.

    The 2nd group idea was to buy time on why the end has not came yet.

  • changeling

    My WWI veteran granddaddy, who died when I was three, and I, are of the same generation by the WT definition. Yeah, right...

  • sd-7

    Some have reasoned that perhaps the increased light on our understanding of "this generation" means that they themselves are a part of the generation "that will not pass away" before this wicked system draws to a close. They may reason, therefore, that "this generation" has stretched for an unusually long period of time. However, such ones should bear in mind that it is only faithful anointed Christians who are a part of "this generation". These loyal servants of God await immortality alongside Jesus Christ and will rule as kings with him. Jehovah is the one who determines how long this anointed generation will remain before the end comes, not our personal impatience regarding the divine purpose. The apostles once had a similar lapse in judgment, and Christ Jesus promptly corrected their thinking. (Acts 1:6, 7) Given that matters are in Jehovah's hands, we must not waver in our faith that he will handle events according to his timetable, not ours.

    What, though, of members of the great crowd, who are not part of "this generation"? They can humbly wait on Jehovah to clarify any matters they do not presently understand. Let us not use our own lack of understanding as a cause to withdraw from association with Jehovah's clean people, much less to weaken the resolve of other faithful ones. We are too far along in the stream of time to become complacent about the nearness of Jehovah's day. Let us therefore keep in mind that the day of Jehovah is nearer than it was when we first became believers, and let us draw as many as we can into his worldwide organization in the short time left.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney


    You can guarantee that the GB will not make that change? How can you promise that?

    Also, there are "present day anointed" who are in their 30s. These were also contemporaries of Franz, who only died 18 years ago. This system could go on for more than 60 more years without the GB having to change their doctrine again.

    That said, it is much more likely that they will keep changing it every so often LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE.

  • Gayle

    So Fred Franz died in 1992. Therefore, if a kid was born in 1971, became a partaker at 21 yrs old, (well, Steve Lett on the GB now was a partaker about that age), that would make him a "contemporary" of Freddie. The GB could be pulling in now 40+ yrs old partakers for GB positions that would qualify as "contemporaries." Therefore, this "contemporary" could live to be 80ish, bringing him up to the year of 2051, in time for the long-awaited Armageddon. What percentage of JWs now living will still be living then?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    WT May 15 2039:

    It is with great appreciation that the Governing body continues to refine our understanding of the scriptures in these last days. As we look foward to the very near coming of armegedon (frankly we will be surprised if this system last long enough to finish this paragraph) We are deeply moved by the recent revelation of the meaning of generation. As faithful readers of this publication will recall, in the april 15 2010 issue we found out a generation can over lap. But a closer look at jesus words have caused us to refine our understanding (that and the end just doesn't seem to want to come when we say it will.) Evidently when jesus said this generation, what he meant was the generation that actually percieves what generation means. Seeing how it wasn't till 2010 that we even figured out what generation meant, for the last 29 years we have been been living in the actual time of jesus thrilling prophecy...yeah thats the ticket!
  • Heartbreaker

    See I read Sherilynn and am happy for her. The way I figure it, she's got this generation thing down to a science, and WHEN, not if, but WHEN the society changes the light bulb again, she'll be knocked for a loop perhaps.

    See she's gone it DOWN, and it won't/can't change. So when it DOES, and it WILL, then she'll have to stand up and take notice. I hope she's reminded of this time on the board (which WHY did you join? That's a no no, unless of course you really aren't sure of your faith and you are making it clearer for yourself, then hehe, keep reading). I think it will serve for her like the person in the field service that told me that 1975 was a hoax, and I denied it. I never forgot they said that, just it took another 25 years for it to sink in. Maybe her issue is not that she's blinded, or an apologist, but that she's hardheaded like a lot of us were (are). When in 25 years SHE awakens, it'll be within the same time period of when I awakened, thus making us contemporaries, and EVIDENTLY, of the same generation.

    The woke the heck up and smelled the crap generation.

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