generation overlap

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  • ziddina

    [Mentally Free 31 said...] "So therefore, sometime after 2014 (who knows - perhaps 2020 or 2030) - when 1914 is well past 100 years in the past, they will update the date again. People will grin and say "wow, it's so wonderful to be in the truth.....Jehovah is just making things so much clearer as time goes on"...."

    Oy, I want to go 'postal'... What I'd REALLY like to do, is invent some magic ray gun that shatters self-delusion and self-denial instantly... I'm tired of this "gotta plant seeds, gotta ask searching questions, gotta let doubts creep in"... [Yeah, I know, it's the only thing that really works, but...]

    I'd like to wake up some arseholes and DYNAMITE some attitudes into the stratosphere!!!


  • NeonMadman

    If this article is true, then we are still living in the same generation as Abraham Lincoln, by Watchtower definition.

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