How Many Apostates Are At Bethel?

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  • diamondiiz

    A question should be asked "If there is an apostate at Bethal, why the hell would s/he stay slaving for corporation for free??"

  • Paralipomenon

    A question should be asked "If there is an apostate at Bethal, why the hell would s/he stay slaving for corporation for free??"

    The same reason many homophobes are gay?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    According to other religions....they all are apostates! Ooohhh deep eh?

  • jwfacts

    It is almost impossible to know, as most stay very quiet for obvious reasons. Some stay living in Bethel for fear of having no income, no education and no where to go.

    I turned "apostate" at Bethel, and I have heard that of others that were there during my stay that have also left the JWs. Once I realised that God's holy spirit was not directing the work there, I started researching other religions. I even had various religious text books posted to Bethel, such as a Muslim study course. Sadly it was just prior to the internet and I had no idea I was not alone. Otherwise I could have formulated a better strategy prior to leaving.

    I am sure there would be more apostates in Bethel now due to the internet. The main hindrance is that they need to be able to afford a personal internet account. Any that use the main Bethel ISP would be too afraid of their site visits being traced.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    A question should be asked "If there is an apostate at Bethal, why the hell would s/he stay slaving for corporation for free??"

    For the same reason that many of us are still trapped in - family. Leaving would be difficult without family support, especially for those that went to Bethel with no education. If they leave, especially after many years in, they do so with no education, no insurance policies, no transferable skills, no money, no accomodation.........

    Just like people that have been in prison for years, they become institutionalised. They would find it difficult to cope on the 'outside'. Imagine having to find a job, accomodation, doing your own shopping, cooking, cleaning. Every year that passes must make leaving more difficult.


  • moogle

    Having a brother who has been in Bethel for about 32 years, I totally agree with George that they become institutionalised, much like a long-term prisoner does. I've seen it with my own eyes - every year it got worse and reality seemed to fade into oblivion. These people have no idea what life is like outside; very few skills that an employer would call transferable; no financial resourses to see them through for even a few weeks. Sadly, these people try to then write articles to tell us how to deal with life in a world they know nothing about. Rather ironic really.

    A few years ago when my brother was still talking to us, he came to our house to help us do a few jobs outside in the yard. I had to actually show him what a weedeater/whippersnipper is and how it works and how to start it. Hard to imagine that someone in their late 50's had no idea how to use one of these. Why? Because they live in a fantasy land called Bethel where everytbing is done for them - they become institutionalised.

    Bethel is their security blanket - even if they know it is all a hoax, and I'm sure many do, where else can they go? I guess they are like the mistreated wife that stays with the bad husband because she feels too insecure to leave. It defies all logic but that is what many do - and Bethelites stay in Bethel.

    Cheers, Moogle

  • mentallyfree31

    jwfacts - thanks for posting. I forgot about you when I posted this. Good point about private internet access.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was at Bethel for just 2 and a half years and even then it was scary to leave in someways and I knew I could make it on the outside just fine. I know our first table head and his wife seemed to hate Bethel life but they were stuck. All their family was in, the husband had been there since he was 19 years old, he had no real training to get a job, there were in their mid 40's at the time. I truly felt sorry for them. There was this really mean and angry brother who worked in the tool crib at 90 Sands. He had been there for ever and everyone disliked him to the point that no one would even room with him. He finally left after I think 25 years at Bethel with nothing.

    Bethel is really a sad place and I am sure many are apostate but living a lie. How truly sad.

  • mouthy

    Well they are one less this morning Teddy passed on

  • minimus

    Yeah.....I want names.

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