How Many Apostates Are At Bethel?

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  • mentallyfree31

    Does anybody personally know people at Bethel that are "apostate" but still undercover? Surely there has to be a handul at least. Perhaps they are still there, until they can get things in order to leave..



  • Titus

    I know...

    But, can't tell...

  • asilentone

    Randy (Dogpatch) do know very few apostates at Bethel.

  • mentallyfree31

    Let me mention, I'm not looking for names. But if you do know certain ones, can you tell us how many "apostates" you know of that are at Bethel?


  • asilentone

    maybe 10, it is just a guess on my part.

  • Cagefighter

    If they stood up to be counted would they really be undercover at that point?

  • Gayle

    I don't know how many outright apostates there are. However, I would guess in 10% (mostly among the younger ones) the bells are going off. To what degree, how much they are questioning, how they will sort out and how they will leave Bethel and the whole story will take time.

  • daniel-p

    There are far more critical-thinking JWs at Bethel than many people realize. When you are on the "inside" and so "spiritually strong" you trust yourself to ask hard questions, thinking yourself above the influence of petty doubts. You are hyper-alert to organizational changes and are also hyper-sensitive, since you are involved in its day-to-day workings. In fact, I'd guess that Bethelites are inherently more susceptible to apostacy just due to those facts. If R&F JWs knew as much about the organization there would be a lot more unrest.

  • StAnn

    I think it's dangerous to try to put a number on them at this site. The Trolls from Bethel, if they see that there are 10 Apostates or 20 or 30 won't rest until they've uncovered who those 30 people are.

    That said, my Bethelite friend says that most people he knows there realize now that the people running it are liars and know they are lying to the R&F. They don't believe that the GB actually believe what they publish.


  • metatron

    Follow the simple analogy of totalitarian states: the simple proletariat and peasants believe, the leaders know differently.

    I continue the Soviet Union analogy. It fell, not because of common rebellion but because the leaders lost all faith in the system. This will be the Watchtower's fate as well.


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