Well Freakin finally this Drama has reached it's Climax

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  • flipper

    TROUBLED MIND- So are you prepared for the possibilities that may play out here within your family situation ? Is your husband going to support your stand if they decide to DF you in absentia if you don't attend the JC meeting ? Or will he sympathize with his and your JW relatives shunning you ?

    Are you content in your own mind to just let them DF you with no appeal ? Or does it not really matter to you at this point how JW relatives react ? I'm just painting different hypothetical scenarios and questions to mull over as I've been exactly in this situation over 3 years ago after not attending for 4 years previous to that time. Just some things to consider. Each person's situation is different . I wish you the best but your party may NOT have reached it's climax just yet. The fallout can be challenging, believe me. Hang in there, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Stann: believe it or not I think you my friend have hit the nail on the head !!! I have twin ex-nephews that are cyber -geeks and very into screwing with other witnesses lives . Darin especially has caused more havoc in peoples personal lives than anyone needs in a lifetime ! I am very happy he no longer associates with my son anymore . Darin is the one that went into my youtube account and then ran crying to his Elder brother . It would not suprise me at all that he or his wife are lurking here gathering apostate information . I have never hid my face or name on here so it would have been easy for JERKS like them .

    crazyblondeb , Onieda is very close to us . My husband had elderly relatives that lived there and we go through there to see his Dad !

  • Snoozy

    If you go hide a recorder....

  • Mary
    I will take my invite to work tommorrow Because I think everyone I work with should have a clear idea about Witnesses and that you can not leave a cult in PEACE .

    I like sir82's idea too: put it on Facebook, your local newspaper, or send a copy to your local churches telling them that this is what awaits anyone who's thinking of joining the JW's and then decides down the road that they no longer believe their crap.

    Way to go TM! Make sure you send the elders who want to meet with you a nice pagan Xmas card this year.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thanks Flipper ...you are a sweetheart and I appreciate the scenarios to consider. But I just can't care anymore it is effecting my health .

    My husband realizes today What I told him last night was true and he knows I will not cower to any of their requests . I have asked for his support and I think he understands how important it is to me now .

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    snoozy -no chance of me attending that kangaroo court .

    Mary - I know from facebook a young woman from the church down the street is studying with witnesses . I am friends with people down there and plan on asking if I might be able to speak .

    Already starting my xmas card list now .......

  • flipper

    TROUBLED MIND- I totally understand . When the tension starts affecting your health- it's time to make it an " end game ". Glad to hear your husband will be supportive to your decision- whatever you decide.

    When the JC came after me and stretched it out 9 months back in 2006/2007 - I had to go on blood pressure medication as my BP elevated to the borderline level. It's good you are listening to your body's signal's and stopping the pressure before it builds up too much. You're a smart lady. Please take care of yourself first - THAT is the most important thing. Hang in there. My wife and I are always here if you need to talk

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I agree with Flipper. Watch after yourself and protect your health.

  • GLTirebiter


    Don't go. Considering the advice you've already received from your PD and the letter you sent them, the appropriate response is an assertive "NO, I told you to leave me alone!"

    I have asked for his support and I think he understands how important it is to me now.

    Since the WT dosn't like "weaker vessels" standing up for themselves, perhaps your husband can deliver the message. Let them know your house isn't divided!

    Hold your head high, show them the power of self-respect!


  • OnTheWayOut

    Flipper and others can help you with a Doc Bob letter to answer for your JC calling out.
    Otherwise, just walk away from this whole thing regardless of what they do if it is influencing your health.

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