Did your congregation have "Talent" Shows?

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  • Finally-Free

    I only watched the video for a few seconds and had to stop it. Before I go to care for my bleeding ears I'll mention that my first congregation's idea of a "talent show" was relating field circus experiences.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life
    dismissed as bringing too much praise upon the individual.

    That would have been the attitude of the elders in the congregation I grew up in also.

    But I really can't even imagine anyone suggesting the idea.

  • notverylikely

    Commonwealth Avenue Charlotte Congregation

    Charlotte NC?

  • Scarred for life
  • babygirl30

    Talent Show? HAHAHAHAHA...if that's what you call some sister who everyone TOLD had the 'voice of an angel' and who always managed to sing Monica's "For You I Will" at weddings and all - then I guess so.

    Mind you this chick couldn't sing a bee out it's HIVE! But in JWland...she had talent.

  • StAnn

    Yep. Kettering, Ohio, cong. had a talent show every year.


  • LostnFound

    A talent show?! My halls did nothing of the sort. Maybe that's a good thing... The only thing they ever did was have bible parties where everyone would dress up like a character and act out some scriptures. My sister and I were never invited to these when we were young. I feel so left out!

  • MrFreeze

    We didn't have talent shows but we'd have family nights. I don't know if they are necassarily the same thing. We'd have some friends play some instruments, have some friends act out some skits (not necassarily about the Bible) or something along those lines. Play some games but that's about it. They were usually a fun time.

  • GLTirebiter

    The talent may have been uneven, but at least it's a chance for the congregation to engage in something like a normal social activity. If it's a choice between a talent show and another round of "conversation stopper" rehearsals, I say let the off-key singing begin!

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Lady Viola's video was great! Must be english humour but we had the same kind in my congregation when I was growing up. One of our elders had been in showbusiness and he just could not suppress it. During the 70's everytime he had an item on the service meeting, he just went overboard. For the kids it was just brilliant. I remember being chased down the hall with brother shaking a broom after me, he slipped on the runner and went flying, this was to show early persecution of the witnesses in the 1920's.

    We had little dramas to show how to place the truth book, we all dressed up as pirates once and found a chest filled with truth books, we enacted Daniel and friends drama, my little chubby brother was an angel but got burnt on a lamp that was too near his dress. We had a special pioneer dress up as a vicar(he loved Monty Python), then two pioneer sisters came in as hippies throwing flowers to the audience.

    We had practise sessions for the persecution; double sided coats and violin cases with literature; we even had the windows blacked out and the lights turned off and a brother was shouting and banging on the door saying it was the police and they knew we were in there. For a kid it was so exciting and spooky. We had a drama with the Christmas carol of all things as a theme; the brother dressed up as Scrooge in a night dress and then some how the truth got into the drama, as you can imagine things were getting a little out of hand and I guess it had to stop. It did.

    We had the visit of a very strict CO and our dear brother had his part on the service meeting and as part of his item he sat at the piano and sang ROLL OUT THE BARREL, which is a drinking song in the pubs in England, well I can't remember how he got the service item to tie in but one thing is for sure; the CO's face was like thunder. So ended the era of fun at the meetings. If I could have space the things we did were actually so far out and fun that I cannot understand how it went on for so long other than that everyone enjoyed it so much.

    Last one.....very chubby sweet pioneer sister had to hitch her skirt up and swank down the hall to wolf whistles from "worldly" bystanders, the brother then asked what was the problem for the sister, the hall was in stitches., who says the north of england is boring!

    Chicken little

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