Unbelievable CO Talk, scientists lie to us about earthquakes

by maninthemiddle 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sabastious

    Quite the conspiracy theory in the talk. Do you know how many people would need to be involved to fake seismology reports for the past 100 years?


  • sabastious

    Evidently Apostate,

    First, your name rules.

    Second, a Witness will literally die before they admit to bold faced lies by the WT society about Earthquakes. It takes more than just the facts to sway a conditioned mind, sometimes a lot more.


  • VM44

    Thanks maninthemiddle,

    Here is the file location made as a link:



  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I have no idea what is being said from the platform here in NZ, but I have had a couple of bOrgites mention how terrible our recent earthquake is, no doubt looking for an opening.

    There are a couple of problems for them in NZ.

    The earthquake here was the same size as Haiti, in a highly populated city, and killed exactly none.

    Problem two is that without earthquakes, this country would never have risen out of the sea in the first place, and wouldn't have it's eroding landmass replenished by the Pacific plate riding up over the Australian plate. In fact, without earthquakes pushing up our mountains, we wouldn't have the erosion from wind, water, sun and ice that grinds our mountains up into the nutrients that feed our micro-organisms at the bottom of the food chain in both our surf and turf. At the top of that food chain are us humans.

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