Elder "predicts" how many jws are going to live

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  • 5thGeneration

    Carla's right.

    JWs aren't allowed to meet for non KH meetings anymore so I wonder about the validity of this story.

  • 5thGeneration

    Got everyone worked up though.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Plenty of witnesses still study the WT at gatherings and picnics.

  • Scott77
    Basically - they are insane . They are out of touch with reality

  • XPeterX

    5thgeneration this story is true.Many Jws prepare for the WT study,underline the answers etc.

  • Quillsky

    Balsam/Ruth said......

    Yah I remember those scary Circuit Overseers talks when they came around telling us most of us would not make it that only the most loyal and faithful would survive. I often thought so what is the point of putting forth the effort, I'll just go home and wait for the end and relax. LOL

    I recall as a child seeing a relative at family gatherings crying, after a few drinks, "I'll never make it, I'll never make it through Armageddon". I remember thinking at the time, "Then why do you even bother, silly woman?"

    She's still a JW "in good standing" today. (And she judges me, as they do. Even though I'm not DF'ed.) Now I realize that it's evidence of possible untreated mental illness and perhaps spousal emotional abuse by her elder husband. Yet isn't that what membership in this cult is, a type of mental illness combined with abuse by so-called loved ones?

    Wish this family experience had given me the foresight to avoid being "baptized" into the religion.

  • Quillsky

    Such a good quote, Gayle......

    The JWs are a "destroy, destroy, destroy" religion.

    Most people on earth are like "Death, disasters, tragedy..."

    Jehovah's Witnesses preach "Destruction, yay!!"

  • LongHairGal


    I always hated that expression 'half of us are here to test the other half'. I wonder who coined this wonderful expression? JWs are so full of cliches and anecdotal stories, aren' they?

    Anyway, the reason I hate this expression is because it implied that I was supposedly there to allow myself be 'tested' by somebody. How dare anybody presume they should 'test' somebody else!

    I suppose I stopped caring at some point whether I was going to be 'saved' or not. After a while you just get numb and realize how hopeless the whole thing is.

  • Heaven

    So I guess this elder doing the predicting is running ahead of the organization then.

  • Alfred

    This reminds of when I was working the sound at the KH one night and the announcement was made that "brother Cigar Smoker is no longer a JW". An elder standing just a few feet from me whispered to another elder: "One down, two more to go" as if this was cause for celebration. This made me sick to my stomach... I don't know why, but that made me extremely angry for weeks.

    That being said, I rarely noticed any genuine love in any of the 4 congos I've been in. Any so-called "christian love" was really just birds of a feather (pio-sneers, ass-kissers, etc.) flocking together while practically ignoring the "weak" ones or considering them "bad association" or "dangerous" to the spiritual well-being of the congo...

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