Help! I need advideQ Elders want to speak to me..

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    While I agree in principle, Wuz, even an "unbaptized publisher" has placed herself under the congregation's authority to an extent, at least in the Borg's view of things.

  • Mary
    I cant say i dont want to get baptized because i have to appear to like the religion til i graduate college cuz my mom pays for it and is pract blackmailing me with it, and i cant say tht i will cause i hate it!

    Understood. In that case, I agree with the advice here that Jesus didn't get baptized until he was 30 years old. Tell them that, like marriage, you want to wait until you're old enough to make such a responsible decision. Not alot they can do about that. I suspect that, because of the upcoming article in the WT or Awake that jgnat recently posted, they're really trying to force alot of the young ones into getting baptized so that you can't leave the religion without consequences. Since your mom is paying for your college, you're smart to bite your tongue until you've graduated and have a job.

  • sherah

    Avoid meeting with them if at all possible, use work, studying and school as excuses. Set up meeting with them, find something else to do and don't show up. Screen your phones, head to the parking lot or restroom after the meetings to avoid them.

    If you have to meet with them, don't answer any personal questions about your BF. Say he's your close friend, study partner. If they corner you on personal matters, tell them you haven't done anything to bring reproach on the congregation or Jehovah. Keep repeating this until they get the point.

    I like the suggestion of telling them that you don't need more knowledge but want to build a personal relationship with Jehovah before you take the plunge, genius!

  • Quentin

    dedicated...brings back memories, havent heard that trem linked with baptizim in fact that was the question most often asked, is he/she dedicated? Meaning of course baptized....ah well, enough of memory lane...

    Good advice here...please don't let them brow beat you into "anything"...hope things work well for you...

  • ssn587

    Jesus' example 30 years old, that is what you arewaiting for, also your Mom should be blocking them away from you, you are 13, tell them, you aren't my parent and i don't answer to you. That is what i told my children to tell the elders when they wanted to meet with them, and that is what i told them too. You guys aren't their Parent(s) I/we are and quite frankly, my children don't answer to you and you leave them alone.

    Oddly enough that is all it took, because they didn't try to bother them anymore.

  • jwfacts

    You are unbaptised so they cannot do too much, other than tell others you are bad association and maybe stop you reporting. Just say yes, yes, yes to everything they say in the meeting, and then ignore it. In the long run you are in a good position, as people will still talk to you.

    In my family there are three "apostates". 1 never got baptised, 1 got baptised but faded and is not disfellowshipped, and me who is disfellowshipped. The other 2 get invited to family gatherings; I don't. It is by far the easiest for the unbaptised one, as over time the elders just give up and stop trying to even see her.

  • John Locke
    John Locke

    I am an unbaptized publisher but do not go into the field service (atend almost all meetings) for about a year. Recently had a conversation with our group oversier and he told me that I was walking on the edge. Can anyone explain me what could that mean? And what could I expect from the elders in the future? Well, I suspect that I am considered a bad assosiation since noone invites me anywhere but there was no other discussions with elders or so. Probably everythig is done behind my back. Will be greatful for you responce.

  • cyberjesus

    John create a new thread on your question.

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