Why do all intelligent Christians disobey Jesus?

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  • StoneWall

    Thanks for the link StoneWall. It says it all.

    You have to remember that though Christians quote from the Bible all the time, they also claim to not 'believe' it.

    If you quote the words of Jesus and they cause problems, they are open to interpretation or exclusion.

    How can this be? Beats me!


    Wow! I thought JWs were masters at prooftexting! This entire video reminded me of Satan's temptations of Jesus in which he prooftexted Jesus with out of context quotations of the Old Testament.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    "Rational people do not live in fear."LOL

    I think that I will not fear my enemy--instead I will drop whit phosphorus on his family and let him melt into a gooey shishkabob from the comfort of my air conditioned jet.

    As though rationalists were rational.

  • WTWizard

    I do not love my enemy--that is, the idiots at the top that want to stamp out freedom. Like president Osama Obama. Like the FDA, which wants to stamp out my vitamins. I would pray for them--to Satan, that they be thwarted in their attempts to undermine my life.

    I also refuse to sell everything I have and give to the poor. If I did that, wouldn't I be even poorer than they are? And wouldn't that pass my "sin" to them? If it's wrong for me to have material things, why would someone else be allowed to have them? This is nothing more than a blatant attempt on the part of someone (a monk, perhaps? Someone that misremembered something after 40-60 years?) to steal everything from the workers and give it to those lazy lousy rotten stupid good-for-nothing bums. Which would encourage them to remain bums forever. Loving?

    And, I do not give a fxxx about going to hell. How is hell supposed to hurt? The heat can only hurt if there is flesh to damage, and if you are a disembodied spirit, you are not going to be damaged by the heat. Nor will you suffer because of dehydration at that point. You will have to do your own thinking, and you will be 100% on your own. That can be taken to your advantage. In heaven, everything you do is what God tells you. You live only as an extension of God. What kind of happiness can that possibly bring? None.

    No, I am not a Christian. Nor am I going to become one--nor am I going to become a believing Muslim. I believe that Jesus' real message was corrupted by God, using Paul and then some 40 years of confusion; then the early Catholic church and monks making transcription errors, to do that. His real message is, when stripped of all the fluff, is exactly the same as Satan's message: Do your own thinking.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    re: Rational people do not live in fear. (approriately colored in yellow)

    Q. If fear is the rational response to aggression why does fear so often result in irrational behavior?

    A. It's because you're afraid.

    Rationalism isn't the answer.

    It IS a freakin' scary world.

    WTWizard: ...those lazy lousy rotten stupid good-for-nothing bums.

    That has a certain strength and rhythm to it. You could set it music, Wizard - your very own hymn.

    We could use a man like you in the arena.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Come on, Gladiator--engage.

    What is the magic of rationalism? How does it throw out fear better than love?


    Well as you ask, not a captive

    What is the magic of rationalism?

    That is an oxymoron. The whole point of rationalism is that it rejects the Concept of magic.

    How does it throw out fear better than love?

    Fear and love are not opposites. They are both emotions that are produced in us depending on whether what we value is threatened or supported. Love and fear are both useful emotions.

    Being rational allows us to distinguish between real danger and imagination.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    The whole point of rationalism is that it rejects the Concept of magic.

    I do not see how that is so. Fear is the rational response to threat (Terry very well has taught us that is we didn't know that already).The overwhelming emotion produced by fear is wild fight/flight. What does rationalism do to quell this cause and effect, since that is what rationalism claims to do. (magic imo)

    When we are actually threatened(not just in our mind), what actions we take may depend on our core confidence. Am I clear that the original topic has to do with Christ's love vs. rationalfear?

    Also, I notice that the video didn't failed to say that rationalists do about their enemies. It doesn't tell you anything.

    This area of fear confounds everyone,Gladiator-- which is all I rationally think we can get to at this point.

    I really hope for a draw on this one--no fight to the finish.

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