This Week's Article - Young People's Baptism

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  • LostnFound

    There were a few years at my circuit assembly where no one was baptized. They changed the talk so that everyone could reflect on their dedication, and they read the questions at the end so all of us could re-affirm. I got baptized when I was 19 despite all the years of 'positive peer pressure' from the elders, I'm curious to know what the numbers will be like this year. Too bad I don't go anymore to be able to see

  • OnTheWayOut

    No doubt they want to capture the younger ones and "plump up the numbers." I doubt a WT article can really save them on this. Many young ones are going to the KH for their parents but are ready to walk away.

    Also, I believe the baptisms over the last few years were mainly coming from post-1995 babies. The members saw the end wasn't so imminent and the ones putting it off had kids in the next couple of years. It's averaged out back to lower levels since then. Those kids are 14 and under now and should be the huge source of baptisms. But they have already been tapped at younger ages, the rest of them will mostly not get baptized.

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    At my last year's DC, only 5 people including a 9 yearold and a 78 yearold were baptised.

  • AuntBee

    I did not see the baptism at the DC in my city, but they announced on Sunday that there were 41 baptized. I think the attendance was around 5,200.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I was raised a witness and baptised @17 . My older Brother was baptised @16 and then left by 18 . When I raised my own kids I begged them to wait past the teen yrs . Each one made their own decisions though and they all chose baptism at 17 , 19 , 17 .

    When I asked why they couldn't wait longer they all said ,'because it is expected by others in the congregation, and if you don't do it by late teens you are looked down upon ! '

  • diamondiiz

    When I went to the ASSemblies in Calgary,AB I usually seen one or two get baptized but I'm sure I've been through at least one assembly without any candidates. BTW these assemblies were usually around 850-950 people in size.

  • WTWizard

    I hope for more a$$emblies with zero baptisms. And sharply declining attendance.

  • Quandry

    It seems that the candidates have been so young lately, they've run out of eight - twelve year olds. It's a wonder they didn't say six is O.K. in the article. They are so desperate to show an increase-Holy Spirit being on them and all......

  • loosie

    I know for a fact one kid is getting baptized this fall. His words are "just to keep them off my back about it" he is 16. I wonder if he will stop dealing pot before or after he gets dunked.

  • agonus

    "six is O.K."

    If I'm not mistaken, there HAVE been kids as young as 6 getting baptized...

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