This Week's Article - Young People's Baptism

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  • Cagefighter

    Loosie, so your dealer is getting baptized... LOL

  • Mary
    How old do young ones need to be...? No age is specified in the Scriptures. Therefore, do not hold back, thinking that you are too young to listen to Jehovah and to serve him. No matter how old you are, you are encouraged to respond without delay."

    My god, I hope the one on the left hasn't left it too late!!!

    Yes, I'd say they're getting desperate. I've heard statistics that up to like 70% of the young ones are leaving the Borganization. I will assume that many of them are leaving before they get baptized. This of course, frustrates the WTS because they can't DF you without you getting dunked first. So I would venture a guess that this is a pressure tactic to get the kids baptized as young as possible so that they can use it against you down the road and, in their minds, keep you in the fold.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    AND that DFing down the road isn't JUST to blackmail to keep you in -

    it's to keep others AWAY from you - making it difficult to find out why you don't want to be in a _ _ _ _.

    QUESTION: If you're a "young one" Is there a way to move to different cong. and not tell anyone you were baptized?

  • jgnat

    Here's Blondie's fine comments on this article:

    Will Power, I am no expert but I don't think a child could hide his baptism if he moved from one congregation to another. Unless he moves with his family and only a letter of reference is sent along about dad. But then his whole family knows.

  • loosie

    LOL no cage fighter not my dealer. I work with this kid at the hospital. I found out that my daughter is going to go to hsi school next year. I asked him to look out for her since she is going to be a freshman and is afriad of freshman hell week. Then later on I found out he deals drugs, ( I don't think pot is the only kind), but I know for a fact he sells pot.

    So now I have to tell my daughter to stay away from him...LOL funny that I need to warn my daughter about associating with a JW...LOL

    The youngest I have seen get baptized was 16. But my mother was baptized at age 8 she told me, and that would have been in the late 1930's.

  • rnicole76

    The youngest i seen is 5 years old. Thats around the time i got baptized. Her mom need her a&% whooped.

  • nelly136

    the youngest i remember baptised was 6-7, apparently she was highly mature for her age.

    2. After you have made your dedication to God, you should be baptized. (Matthew 28:19, 20) Baptism lets everyone know that you have dedicated yourself to Jehovah. So baptism is only for those who are old enough to make a decision to serve God. When a person is baptized, his whole body should be put under the water momentarily.*Mark 1:9, 10; Acts 8:36.

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