Talking to two J dubs on a busy downtown street

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  • ldrnomo

    StoneWall said

    Not sure where you arrived at that figure.

    Had to be holy spirit. Next time I go back I'll tell them I have new light.

  • ldrnomo

    Bane Bane Bane

    Predictable presentation huh? And you DON´T have one? The blood issue, Ngo issue....Do YOU have anything new?

    The generation issue.

  • ldrnomo

    Bane Bane Bane

    Predictable presentation huh? And you DON´T have one? The blood issue, Ngo issue....Do YOU have anything new?

    The "Jehovah's going to kill em all destroy em all issue"

    I'm sure others may have something to add to the list.

    And yes I am obsessed but not in a bad way. I just like to help people think beyond the box. It's very freeing.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Ldrnomo , I liked your experience and I hope those sisters will at least give your points some thought . I wonder how they would have liked it if you had said murdered instead of killed ?? Because that term also fits !

  • hotspur

    Actually, "murder" is more apposite. Killing is something more related to circumstantial death. Murder, on the other hand, is a pre-meditated act!

    I suppose murder could be classified as pre-meditated killing. That has to be totally in violation of the Bible's written Laws.

  • Heaven

    ldrnomo... wow, an hour?! Very well done!

    They didn’t like the fact that I kept saying everyone else would be killed they kept correcting me and saying you mean destroyed.

    I'm surprised they haven't adopted the "collateral damage" phrase. Sheesh! LOL @ OUTLAW!

  • Bangalore

    Nice experience. Thanks for sharing.


  • Quandry

    Great job!!

  • ldrnomo

    jehovahsheep asked,

    since you feel you have overturned their belief system-what hope did you share with them?

    I do not feel that I overturned their belief system. And that is a typical argument of JW's about apostates and what they do. You know as well as I that a few thought provoking words does not turn over a belief system that has been in this case I believe constructed from birth.

    If I were to think about an answer to your question and if I gave them any hope at all it would be that,

    You can think freely and enjoy life without feeling that you have to puppet the thoughts of others.

    You can and should live life to the fullest now because none of us really know what's going to happen when we die.

    You don't have to be afraid of God, if he is out there at all.

    You can get into a bad accident and get the full medical attention you need including blood if needed to save your life.


  • techdotcom
    By the way your segue way into your critique raises a question. If you hate to do it then why do you? Is it a sacrifice you feel you need to make to help out a lesser intellect?

    Lol. Sorry, I do get critical sometimes (and I wouldn't say I exactly hate doing it either). Still I also don't mean to be discouraging. I just know the mindset and if you did make them think, and they double check the figures, I'd be willing to bet they write the whole thing off with a smug "he just made that stuff up, I'm sure glad our faith is strong enough to see past those sort of deceptions". And they will totally miss the point you were trying to make about how the long the big A takes, the more people that will not be JW's and will be killed. (see I just did it agian)

    Still if it made them think at all maybe they will get the point at some time too.

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