What is your phobia?

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    Psychotic Parrot

    England is now just a football team. I live in the UK which is not actually a united kingdom at all.

    I use the word side walk because U S Americans have no idea what a pavement is.

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  • Heaven

    Why, God? Why did you create these awful nasty creatures?!! WHY?!!!

    All part of the food chain. They eat bugs and in turn, bugs and other things eat them. In the end, bugs, microbes, and plants eat us. It's all a big recycling, closed loop system here on planet Earth.

    My phobia.... heights. And not having a job.

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  • upnorth

    I have fear of heights, on many occasions my work requires that I'm 30 or 40 feet up the air on a ladder or scaffold. When I'm first faced with getting on the scaffold it's a intense internal battle forcing myself to ignore me distance to the ground. I become comfortable eventually and I'm able to function.

    As for spiders I'm too amazed by them to be afraid, they are truly awesome. If I find one in the house I remove it to the back yard, with the hope that it will kill and eat the insect that had plans on bothering me.

    A couple summers ago my grandson was visiting, he loves to squish spiders. He were trying to explain to him what spiders do for us and why we take them outside. We thought he understood. One day he spots a spider in the house and my wife convinces him to take it outside and let it go. He gets the spider to climb onto a paper towel and then he walks it outside. He returns a few moments later and my wife asks him how it went, He said he squished it. He said " I let is go, but it started to walk back to the house, so I had to squish him"

    oh well

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  • Gregor

    The only insect I have an irrational dislike of is the House Centipede. They do eat spiders but I would rather have the spiders.


    Empty Beer Cans..

    Refrigerators with no Beer in them..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Heartbreaker

    Checking the bank account balance.

    I know, stupid issue, but it's mine.

    Also? Elders. I'll squish them with my shoe unless they are too big and scary, then I usually just spray them with something and scream.

  • arwen

    Mice.. I am terrified of mice.. and electric shock......

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