Ray Franz Passed Away Today

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  • moshe

    I am so sad to hear this news, but he fought the good fight and was victorious in every way that mattered for an ex-JW. His GB contemporaries have all died in virtual obscurity and none of them were missed after their death. Compare that to Ray's freedom loving spirit and his words of truth that will dwell on in the hearts and minds of ex-JW's for as long as we have a Watchtower Org that enslaves it's members. In addition, the overlapping 1914 generation will certainly all die off, but Ray's books and personal legacy will continue to soldier on to fight against the tyranny of the WatchTower cult religion.

    May Ray's spirit journey in peace and find an eternal resting place in paradise. We will all miss you.

  • Tatiana
  • truthlover

    Never knew him but from the videos I saw on various visits around the world, he came across as a sincere honest gentleman who probably had a broken heart, knowing what was going on behind closed doors at Bethel... my condolences to the family and if there is a paypal site set up pls advise as I am sure his wife will need the support..... with her health problems that I have read in the past few days there is no telling how she will fare without Bros Franz


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My heart goes out to Cynthia. She has lost her lovely man.

    May he rest in peace.


  • recovering

    Rest in peace man of integrity

  • new light
    new light

    R.I.P., Mr. Franz. Your books were of tremendous help to me, shined bright light on what really leads the organization, and made my exit the absolute right thing to do, with no reservations. Thank you, sir.

  • ozziepost

    Mrs Ozzie and I were greatly helped by him. Along with a number of friends in the borg, we used to meet together and discuss various chapters from both his books. We all found it a very confirming experience. That was many years ago now and we have all moved much further along the paths set for us.

    We rejoice that we have found real christian freedom.

    R.I.P. Ray and thank you.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    In ISOCF Ray said that former fellow GB members would be welcome in his home - he bore them no ill will.

    My father was so much like Ray....


  • flipper

    AMAZING- Thank you Jim for posting this. What a sad day for his family and friends and those of us who were deeply touched by his life and information he gave us access to. I will always be grateful for how he enlightened my mind for freedom. May he rest in peace now. Sending all of our love and sympathies, Mr. & Mrs. Flipper

  • sooner7nc

    Godspeed Ray. Only you had the real truth, and were brave enough to share it with us. Enjoy your reward my friend.

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