Ray Franz Passed Away Today

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I'm soooooooo thankful to Ray for his insights!! He brought to the fore many insights to many questions and suspicions I had... what truly impressed me was he never tried to tear down the wts with anomosity......just tell the facts.......expose the cold hard facts that just so happened to pack a mighty punch!

    There is a few Youtube videos of his trip to Russia which are awesome...after seeing how frail he looked, I had thought, it was only a short matter of time...he never abandoned his love for God and Christ.

    ~Bless and Thank You, Our Dear Friend~

  • HappyDad

    I just got home from vacation about 2:00 AM and saw this post. I'm saddened but am also rejoicing that he is now with his Savior! Ray was a loving man and will truly be missed. My heart goes out to Cynthia for her loss. No other GB member would ever have so many good things said about them as Ray has.

    Thank you Ray and Godspeed.


  • BluesBrother

    I am late to this thread, although I had read of his stroke... Ray Franz's passing is a loss to us all. He touched all of our lives, directly or indirectly.

    Ray may have spent many years in the WTS but he made full use of his "Christian Freedom" once he had found it. He helped so many people to see the light.

    Our condolances to his widow

  • sd-7

    It is a great loss to all of us who were affected by his work and his words. As I was thinking about this last week, a thought occurred to me: I never believed there were real heroes out there...until my life got saved by one. Reading Raymond Franz' books gave me the courage to stand up and confront this religion, speak out against its tyranny, and walk away.

    He was a man of integrity, courage, and faith. Someone who has, in his life and death, become more than just a man--he has become an ideal, a symbol, incorruptible, everlasting. Someone who can inspire others to stand for freedom, too. We mourn his loss, but we must learn from his example of Christian kindness even to those who shun us, hate us, speak ill of us. I can only hope one day to have the humility to do that, as he did.

    In reading his books, I really did feel like I was sitting with him, listening to his life story. I could feel the zeal for truth and right, the love for Christ and his teachings, and the willingness to ask hard questions that needed to be asked. It was as if he finally voiced all the things I could never piece together on my own.

    We find out who we really are when we're forced to stand up and challenge corruption. I'm forever thankful that there was a man like him who was honorable enough to do so, wise enough to have his own moral code, brave enough to stand by it in the face of so much. I only wish I'd gotten to talk to him just once. I miss him and I never even got to do so. It just shows you how profound his life really has been.

    Deepest condolences to his family.

  • lrkr

    I will miss Ray and his influence. He was a truly good man. The ripples he created in the pond will continue for a long time to come.

  • NewLight2

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  • digderidoo

    Sad news, i've only just learned this as i hardly log on here anymore.

    His book changed my life, he was a great man and his life really made a difference to many people including myself. I sent him an email of thanks for his book and to my surprise got a lengthy reply, the one thing that he said that will always stick in my mind is that although he had spent a great number of years in the Jehovah's Witness religion he wasn't angry because of it, rather he liked to view all those years as making him the man he was that day (about 2 years ago), that he never viewed any of those years as wasted years. It always stuck in my mind because if i live to his age i'm not even half way through, so why spend the rest of those future years angry at my 'lost years' in the Jehovah's Witness religion? I told him to be glad in the knowledge that he has made a difference, because he certainly did to me and to someone else i know, aswell as countless others i've coresponded with over the years.

    R.I.P. Ray Franz....an inspiration, somebody who really made a difference and left his mark on this world.


  • frankiespeakin

    It's a sad fact of life we all must face. He stayed true to himself, and faced his demons.

    When you really think how it is to admit that the things he admitted to himself when he was on the Governing Body could only come from sincerity in ones quest for truth and knowledge.

    I wonder if there will ever be a Governing Body member as honest as Ray, and willing to give it all up by remaining honest even when it hurt.

  • callitquits76

    I heard the news last night (very late I know)

    I'd just like to add a few words.

    Raymond Franz was, to me, one of the most important people in my life, yet I never met him. His book blew away the cobwebs of deceit and the shackles that had tied me down for 20 years. Such a tremendous work cannot be underestimated. I personally believe that Raymond Franz was sent by God to deliver true God fearing slaves out of the Watchtower, and to me, no greater privilege could a man have.

    I knew he couldn't have much time left but news of his death affected me last night as all the old emotions of getting his book for the first time and nervously turning the first few pages came flooding back to me. I had not felt like that for 8 years. I'll never forget, in all my days, how Ray Franz helped to deliver me from the Watchtower, through the grace of God.

  • donny

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