Apostate Signs At Conventions...Has Anybody Left Because Of That?

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  • Titus


    THIS IS what really works! Not the signs, pamphlets and campaigns. When active BV JW, elder and attendant speaks against the Cult.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I remember seeing them as a kid and again as an adult. As a kid, they made me curious. As an adult I thought either these people are loons or else they REALLY feel like they're doing something important. I wouldn't say they had a direct influence on me leaving but their efforts weren't completely wasted, either.

  • designs

    The problem with the sign carriers and the ones with the megaphones is that they have been 90% Fundamentalists.

    Its evolution in reverse.

    But that's religion.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    As leavingwt said, the teenagers would be all over the websites in just moments if the banners were big/clear enough to be read. Love his airplane banner idea and Gayle's portable LED Ad Sign idea!

  • WTWizard

    I used to assume that those signs were put up by fundamentalist Christian groups, and would thus ignore them. Also, they always seemed to pick the least effective line to get people to pay attention--"Repent" is something most witlesses think they already did. They think they are saved, as long as they go to the a$$embly and thus do not need any apostate or fundamentalist Christian materials. They believe they already read their Bible, unaware that they never read the Bible and JUST the Bible. And, most do not give a fxxx about such things as the cross or "the hell phone".

    Better it would be if there were brief references to an important topic. Such as 1975, the pedophile situation, and possibly references to sites that sell Crisis of Conscience are more likely to affect more people. If they were affected by these issues, seeing them featured is much more likely to get them to at least check them out than "the hell phone" or a message to repent.

  • undercover

    I remember seeing some picketers at an assembly when I was a kid. They weren't just holding up signs...they were chanting something as well. To my young mind, they were loopier than we were...

    A few years later a billboard paid for by apostate(s) was put along the main highway to a convention site. I remember people talking about it beforehand and I tried looking for it on the way, but our parents purposely distracted us kids when we passed it.

    I'm sure somewhere along the way someone has been intriqued enough to research after seeing picketers, but for the most part I think they're counter-productive. JWs are already trying to be "better" dubs for the weekend...being all spritual and shit... so when they see these signs it just creates a sense of needing to be even closer to the bOrg than before. It also sends a sublimnal message that "apostates" are an organized group bent on bringing down the house of God...which isn't true. Most ex-JWs just want to go on about their lives without the JW influence present. It's a fringe element that feels the need to protest.

    For those that go to the trouble of picketing, it kinda shows they haven't let it go yet. I have no clue when the convention is for my area...and I don't care, nor will I bother to find out. It's a cliche, but it's a good one... the best revenge is living well. So while JWs are in their suits and dresses inside a coliseum/stadium on a beautiful day and while haters are marching around outside in the sweltering heat, I'll be sitting under my shade tree sipping on cool drink and digging some tunes on the ipod player...or out riding my motorycyle....or at the lake...or at the coast...or at the movies...who knows...I'll decide that day what to do...

  • NiceDream

    Great video Titus, thanks for sharing.

    As a child I was curious and afraid of apostates. I remember some picketing outside with placards shouting religion is a "snare and a racket." I asked my parents what that meant and didn't receive a good answer, just that they were crazy. Then I wondered what made them crazy.

  • Terry
    How about: JONAH
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It also sends a sublimnal message that "apostates" are an organized group bent on bringing down the house of God...which isn't true.

    Perhaps it should be. The Borganization is the wolf in sheep's clothing if there ever was one. It deserves to be brought down and "waiting on Jehovah" to do it is a FAIL.

    I understand your point about moving on but I still feel that activism against the WT is important.

  • exwhyzee

    I did'nt see anyone speaking against anything...just a kind trusting man with a camera jammed in his face, doing the best he could to answer questions that became increasingly leading. Anyone can edit a video to make things seem a certain way. The Witness could have had some brilliant answers that were editied out. Someone who resorts to this kind of a mean spirited ploy looses all credibility with me. I'm for the Witness in this one !

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