Apostate Signs At Conventions...Has Anybody Left Because Of That?

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  • leavingwt

    How about an airplane overhead, with a banner reading, "www.JWFacts.com". That would be impossible to forget. The zombies wouldn't look it up, but the 14-year-olds would, on their mobile devices, almost immediately.

    Often, I think holding a sign is like writing a DA letter. It's not really for the benefit of anyone other than the person holding the sign or writing the letter. It's cheap therapy, a way of experiencing a bit of Liberty, even if it's misguided or counter-productive to others.

  • exwhyzee

    Picketing outside the assembly grounds always confirmed in everyone's minds that the picketers were a little off if not toatlly wacked. I think it was meant to be more of an embarasment to the assembly goers than anything else.

    I once saw them acting out some kind of skit (drama) where the Apostate person was making some kind of speech and a bunch of people with green bibles (meant to look like JW's) were standing around listening to him. When he fininshed they threw down their green bibles and walked off. The only thing was that no one uses the green bibles any more and these people were obviously planted there to look like witnesses only their cloths weren't spiffy enough for that to be so.

    Another time during a session break I saw a guy ranting at the top of his voice about the WT and carrying a picket sign. A lady and her little ankle biter dog were passing by when suddenly the dog transformed into a snarling white hot ball of canine terror, and started attacking the guy as he hopped around trying to get untangled from the dog's leash. Everyone busted out laughing...it was pretty funny.

  • Balsam

    I can remember being very curious about protesters even as a new witness. I always thought if it is the truth how could anyone protest it, that I might not be in the truth bothered me. I only saw a few conventions where there were protestors.

  • cabasilas

    It can be viewed as a seed planting enterprise. Back about 1988 a few of us stood outside a JW convention in Phoenix, Arizona with a 20 foot banner that read: "Why did Suiter, Klein and Schroeder want to change 1914 to 1957? Call XXX-XXXX." The phone number on the sign played a 3 minute recorded message detailing the info from Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience about how 3 members of the Governing Body (in secret session) had proposed changing the beginning of the "generation" to 1957.

    We got hundreds of phone calls and dozens of requests for mailed information. I still remember how one JW rolled down his window as he passed by and said: "Don't you mean 1975, not 1957?" I guess he thought he was helping us.

    We had other smaller signs such as "Do You Have an Open Mind?" (along with a blow up of the Awake! cover with the same title), etc.

    I doubt that anyone came out of the Organization just because of our signs but I like to think it planted seeds of doubt in many JW minds.

  • yknot

    I was told they were demon possessed......

    Personally..... Why picket when you can do more damage attending with a video camera and asking questions

  • Sayswho

    We were always told to look away and not read them...It was "apostates" trying to take us away from Jehovah!

  • moshe

    I wouldn't bother with a sign- A one minute loop tape on a boombox replays Charles Sinutko telling JW's in 1969 to "stay alive until 1975". Another good one is the clip where Fred Franz recalls how Judge Rutherford made an "ass of himself" over his 1925 predictions of Millions Now living WILL never die. -

  • man in black
    man in black

    I saw several of these people at the Chicago assembly at hawthorne racetrack years ago, & thought they were nuts.

  • gubberningbody

    I was curious. Of course there was no internet at the time, but anytime anyone said I couldn't read something or see something would lead me to immediately seek it out and see for myself.

  • Gayle

    On LED WITH SCROLLING MESSAGES: JW Children A!ert silentlambs.org Blood Fraction Confusion ajwrb.org Watchtower Flip-Flops jwfacts.com Generation overlapping extension freeminds.org Others??? Maybe with some added balloons?!!

    (No scribbled messages that people can't see well anyway,,no yelling,,be Ex-JWs with 21st century class!! Have a few other fun ex-JWs around for support and picnic - could be fun!)

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