Watchtower Comments is producing a tribute video for Raymond Franz

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    BESTY- This is an excellent thing WT comments is doing. Thanks for posting the thread. I am going to call that number right now . We've definitely lost a great and caring man . Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

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    Raymond gave up a lot for his beliefs that is for sure. I don't think there are any on the Governing Body today that can muster up the level of honesty to convictions as Ray Franz did.

    The pathetic comments that the GB has authorized about Generation extensions and the need to stay loyal to the F&Dslave at all cost shows the level they have sunk since his departure from them in 1980.

    Hey what is wrong with eulogizing an XGB since we are not under any biblical command to worship only Jehovah the jealous god. Probably some old JW programming about the worshipping of men would make one prone seeing this as that.

    I think a video tribute would be great,, I bet it gets a lot of hits and comments. This could be very eye opening for a lot of JW who are getting feed up with the GBs excuses for Armageddon not coming in a reasonable amount of time.

  • besty

    thanks everybody that has promised a call - looking forward to getting them.

    to recap, if you wish to leave an audio message that may be used in a video tribute to Ray Franz you can either:

    call +1 607 565 1275 and leave a message


    email an mp3 or wav file to [email protected]

    thanks again

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    Brother Franz, yes I still call him Brother, helped me enormously.

    Nervous having my voice on YouTube though.

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    thanks kindly all who participated.....

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