Why do I suddenly get stupid when the elders talk to me

by JWinprotest 41 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sabastious

    "The Jerk Store called... they're running outta you."

  • Incognito

    I believe that it's easy to become flustered, if you believe you have something to loose.

    JWinprotest said: ... I don't want to say anything incriminating. I have a tendency of going off when I get worked up. So I'm a bit handicapped that way.

    I think that wanting to remain in a somewhat friendly relationship (ie: not Disfellowshipped) with the elders and members of your family, places an extra burden on you in watching what you say. If you didn't care about maintaining relationships and didn't have anything to loose (or didn't care), it would be easier to not be P-C and say anything you want without mincing words.

    Some questions to consider:

    What do you expect to gain by saying some 'cleaver things'? (Your words from initial post)

    What will be the result if you say little and don't argue or say 'clever things'?

    As a JW-in-protest, do you expect that there will be change in the WT Organization or the thinking of JWs as a result of your protesting?

    It's been often said on here: The best Revenge is living well and having a good and happy life. (or similar)

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