Trying to live the rest of my life without being bitter.

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  • Vidiot

    bigdummy - "After all the changes in doctrine and the WTBTS tv show I can't take it anymore. I told my wife it looks like any other tv evangelical show."

    And if it's just like any other TV evangelical show, odds are the WTS is just like any other evangelical religion.

    And if it's really not as special as it insists it is, where's the incentive to stay?

  • Bigdummy

    As I mentioned above I went to the assembly with my wife because she was

    upset she was going alone. I missed the opening prayer and I left before the

    closing prayer. But at the end of the baptism talk the prayer ended in " in Jesus

    name we pray". That was the ONLY time I heard the name Jesus during the

    entire assembly. I thought that was odd and very noticeable. But a speaker in

    the afternoon part did bring out that "some brothers ( for the millionth time in

    recent history) had fallen spiritually ill, viewing pornography and lo and behold

    going to strip clubs and getting a massage by a woman gyrating on him with a

    lap dance." I kid you not that was his words. I felt embarrased for the mere

    fact that he even said this in front of teenagers and children. What was the point

    of saying that? Shock value? I have seen episodes on 20/20 type of shows were

    JW elders have killed their wives and sometimes children. I've never heard that

    from the platform and nor do I need to. I know people do bad things but if they

    fade away from the WTBTS I wonder if the JW's think you are automatically

    going to go to strip clubs. One Presiding Overseer we had who was always saying

    " I did this and I did that", was giving a part one night and says " we don't let our

    young boys watch just anything on tv. I don't want them to come to me sometime

    and say, daddy what's a threesome?." Puhleez! Did he have to say that? What's

    with all the sexual innuendo from the platform? I like to hear stories and accounts

    from the Bible talked about from the platform not some speakers hangup about

    talking about sexual problems or perhaps immoral wrongs. Yes, I already know

    Jehovah would frown on threesomes and lap dances. It seems some speakers

    like to draw attention to their own personal fantasies perhaps. I don't intend to

    do these things so I want to hear something with substance.

  • stuckinarut2

    " I don't intend to do these things so I want to hear something with substance. " Bigdummy.

    Great comment!

    The trouble is, if we want to hear anything of substance, it wont be heard at a witness meeting!. It is all recycled 'same-old, same-old' stuff....

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