New method of distributing magazines

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  • Bangalore

    Maybe they could use tracts in the preaching work. Printing tracts would be cheaper than printing magazines so that would be a nice cost cutting move.


  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    How does the "Literature Servant" (TM) know how many magazines to order? Or does each KH get the same amount?

  • sir82
    How does the "Literature Servant" (TM) know how many magazines to order? Or does each KH get the same amount?

    Under the just-replaced arrangement, each publisher had a "standing order" for magazines each month. Add up everyone's standing order, add 10 or 15 extra in case someone moves in, and that's how many were ordered each month.

    Under the new arrangement, it's going to be tricky at first. The magazine servant will have to keep an eye on the supply of magazines left over after each month. If for example there are consistently 400 magazines left over, he'll reduce the order by 400. If the congregation seems to run out too soon, he'll bump the order up.

    Even though this step was necessary, I can't see any other outcome than contributions dwindling even further. A lot of JWs figured "X cents per magazine" and contributed something like that - now if they take less, they'll pay less, especially in this economy.

    I'll bet you a donut that the reduction in contributions far outstrips the savings from printing & shipping fewer magazines.

  • truthlover

    so will they report how many mags are produced anymore -- if this happens it will show a huge decrease in placements and the society does not want to be going backward ....................that would remove even more info getting to the r & F and then that would leave only the year end num bers to be referenced -- will they do away with those too???

    In March 2010 the inside of the WT to the public shows 39,601,000 in 180 languages (per mo)

    Same for May 2010 -- so when this goes into effect should be interesting to follow the numbers....

  • truthlover

    Nothing has been read in Canada yet -- or if it has, not in my area

  • yknot

    It will save money......

    They know what a drain these publications are, how they aren't really being utilized in converting anyone.

    They know Sister Pioneer who has a standing order of 250 is just doing so to appear 'spiritual'........

    They know in 6mo-year the amounts of WTs/Awakes published is going to be drastically cut.

    It is like admitting defeat.....but doing so in a way that both parties (WTS/ R&F) can save face.

    I do think the tract campaigns will increase.....for awhile.

    Ultimately I think they wanna create a recruiting protocol similar to the Mormons using only the Bible Teach book.

    The Mormons are behind us in converts but not far.....manipulating their missionary practices to everyweek FS is worth examining.

    I expect to hear more about increasing our KHs per publisher donation........ (lets just call it tithing already!)

    We are at a point of transition not seen since Rutherford.

  • Soldier77

    I wonder if this letter was read at our hall. When I first saw this topic a couple weeks ago I thought, hmm, no wonder all the mags were stacked up in the back on the counter... Then this past Sunday I show up to the meeting and go to the back to grab a study WT and the mag bro looked in the old binder that had my old order and gave me what they had there...

    So now I wonder if it was read or not. I know I missed a couple Thursday nights, so it could easily have been then, but they are still doing it the old way? WTF!

    I've travelled a lot and moved in and out of so many halls that I can truly say without a doubt that each hall intreprets those damn letters differently.

  • metatron

    Guys, think about this move - if it spreads. Sister Pioneer goes to the hall and can't find her magazines for her elderly calls who just want a visit. Brother Aliterate skips reading most of the magazines since he has now 'fallen out of the habit'. And yes, contributions plunge even more.

    Witlesses tire of using tracts. Going out in service with magazines on Saturday collapses. With contributions down even more, the Society reduces magazine shipments even further.

    We have no reason to think that this change is COORDINATED across the Watchtower leadership. Indeed, it is more reasonable to think that their committees often work at cross purposes.

    You could have one faction cutting magazines while another pushes for more hours in field service. Heck, they once printed a glossy brochure encouraging full time service to young Witlesses - including Bethel Service - while cutting back on Headquarters Staff.


  • Gordy


    Has this been implemented in Britain yet?

  • metatron

    So, they pass out magazines to make sure everybody gets one. What's the next step? Where is this going?

    They eventually get rid of nearly all printed magazines and tell publishers to download what they need to read. How will that work?

    Witlesses will be sent door to door with almost nothing in hand and almost no ability to use the Bible, after years of passive-aggressive inertia.

    They may have realized that the ministry is simply a way to keep Witlesses busy - and that it has no inherent effect on growth at all.

    This is big.


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