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  • jah1914

    Don't know if someone already commented on this. I did a search and did not find anything. Not that big of a deal, but the concept of having a personal order of the magazines is going away effective immediately. Obtaining magazines is now a free-for-all. You are free to obtain what you need for the week only, just like the literature.

    There was a new letter read at my cong. - April 19,2010. It was not posted on the information board, otherwise I would have grabbed it and scanned it.

  • yknot

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Yes it has been referenced....twice.

    I wanted to add too that it was not posted to our information board either

    (snatching it off the board--- you are a brave soul!--- I envy your courage)

  • jah1914

    @ynot - I'm not that brave. I kept a key, so I can go in there anytime.

  • yknot

    Kewl....... now I am really envious!

    Does your key open the Elder room or is it got an electronic coded lock (like ours)

  • WTWizard

    I recall this new arrangement. That means you can feel free to grab as many as you can get away with (pretending you are going to place them en masse), and then shred them (I recommend getting a $200 shredder if you plan on doing this a lot, because you will be generating lots of confetti). This will waste lots of money that otherwise could have been spent building Kingdumb Hells in Third World countries or getting littera-trash in those countries to start studies. Never donate anything for what you pick up!

    It also creates shortages in the congregation. Say, there is a box of 1,000 Washtowels and 1,000 Asleeps. That supply has to last all month. If you take 500 of each, that leaves only 500 for everyone else--and it has to last all month. Do not return any of the rags--shred them instead. When they run out, simply lie and tell them about all you placed at your local church group or whatever group you can fake. You should also turn in a fake time slip reporting the time it would reasonably take to disseminate this quantity of rags at such a group if you are going to do this. You might place a single hour or two with the placement of 1,000 rags at a big event--going to a big rock or rap show is a good way to get a quick two fake hours and a fake 1,000 placements (of course, even if you actually attend the event, you placed nothing except confetti in your recycling bin).

    Then, when they run out of rags to place in field circus, they are going to have to use other littera-trash. That ought to waste their supply of Washtowel Teach books on people that are not really that interested, or their wastes of paper. If that happens, another fake placement at a bogus event ought to make them run out of that littera-trash, too. At which point, people will have the options of staying home, using up their old (complete with outdated light) littera-trash, or using the Bible and just the Bible.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Has anyone in the U.K. heard of this new arrangement at the KH or is it just for the US at present?


  • Heaven

    That means you can feel free to grab as many as you can get away with (pretending you are going to place them en masse), and then shred them

    If you have a woodstove or fireplace, they make great fire starters too.

  • metatron

    No one seems to grasp that, in many areas, this could cripple the "preaching work". Witlesses are not equipped to just use the Bible door to door. They left that sort of preaching behind many years ago and in recent years, have to tell the zombies word for word presentations for the magazines in the KM.

    This could be MUCH bigger than many of you have thought.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Could you elaborate, metatron? I don't get what you're getting at.

    In many areas the preaching work is stagnant and yet they are printing magazine after magazine month after month. This is a money saving move, nothing more. Now rather than grabbing up 10 issues of Asleep that you're never going to place, you only get 2 or 3 at a time before going out in service. If you don't place those, you bring them back.

    No more trunks full of magazines.

    No more fuel for starting the fireplace.

    It's a sad day for those who heat their homes with wood fire.

  • undercover
    This could be MUCH bigger than many of you have thought.

    Since the WTS is going (or gone) from publishing to real estate holdings, I've wondered just how long they'll keep the preaching work at the forefront of the rank and files's schedule of things to prove their faithfulness.

    Over the last couple of years there it has been reported that part of their "service" is to help those in the congregation, something that hasn't really been focused on in the past. They have directed a lot of interest into disaster relief as well.

    They cut back on printing of magazines, their main source of distributing their brand of God's word. They've gone to the most cost effective methods of printing...even to the point of providing paperback Bibles. Doesn't that just impress the hell out of people, when you whip out God's word and the cover is all shredded because you 'bought' an inferior copy...

    What new publications they do release at the conventions seem to be aimed more at those already on the inside more than it is at making new converts.

    Of course, they can't just declare the preaching work over...not yet anyway. That would send all the dubs in a complete tizzy. If they were going to go that route, I think they would save it for when things are really tough and they need to whip up the dubs into another "stay alive till 75" hysteria. But the fallout of that might prove to be too devastating, so instead, maybe they'll just slowly de-emphasize the preaching work over time so that by the time the current generation (there's that word again) dies out, the next one will not remember all the emphasis of going door to door.

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