CO visit comments: Facebook & new "generation" teaching

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  • sir82

    Just a couple more gems from the recent CO visit:

    In his meeting with elders / MS, he was warning of the "dangers" of the internet. Following is a more or less accurate quotation:

    [Talking about internet porn]

    "Brothers, I was reading my e-mail the other day and do you know what poppped up?"

    [What, an add for F__kbook?]

    "It was a pop-up window, advertising 'Meet single women over 50 in the (our city) area!' "...Significant pause to let the horror sink in.

    "And the other day, I got an invitation in my e-mail from a brother, inviting me to be his friend on Facebook. So right away I called the brother and asked him why he was inviting me on to Facebook."

    "He said, Brother CO, I didn't send you that invitiation!"

    "So, brothers, where do you think that invitation came from?".....Pause.....Hmmm, I guess he wants us to answer.

    Puzzled looks....furrowed brows....a voice from the back timidly volunteers "From one of his kids?"


    "That invitation came from Facebook itself! They send out invitations to try to drum up new business, and make it look like it comes from someone you know. See how dangerous it is?"

    [Imaginary face-palms from everyone under the age of 50 in the audience...]

    New generation teaching:

    In his last talk, something about how "close" the great tribulation is, went into the "new generation" teaching. He said "this is all in the February 2008 Watchtower" but then proceeded to quote from the April 15 2010 WT on "overlapping generations."

    After quotation was done he again said it was "all in the February 2008 WT."

    During his entire explanation, it was quite evident he had no idea what he was saying - he was just reading directly from the outline.

    Audience was quieter than usual - I think this may have been the first time many of them have heard the "official" new explanation, as (we all know) no one reads the study WTs ahead of time and the April 15 WT is not being studied yet. I could have sworn I heard the gears of thought grinding away, trying to process the idea that "1 generation" equals "2 overlapping generations." No one I talked to afterward mentioned it....perhaps it was "too deep" for everyone?

  • jookbeard

    That pesky Facebook surely is a tool of the Devil himself

  • OnTheWayOut

    I wonder if the referencing to the Feb '08 WT is deliberate. He may have said something like "it was all pointing toward this in the Feb. '08 WT" or he may have supposed to have said it in a way that was not technically a lie. If they say it's been around for 2 years, then the members are less likely to admit they have trouble with a "new" understanding. They don't want to admit they haven't been keeping up with the changes.

  • leavingwt
  • teel

    They are sneakier than usual with this generation teaching, introducing it in an unrelated article barely explaining it. This CO experience confirms it, he was talking about the doctrine as not so new light. Conscious active JWs would do well to bring up the topic as much as possible.

    "Brother, have you seen loving provision the FDS provided us? I understand now that Jesus must have been talking about a group of people that overlaps another group of people. Isn't it wonderful that we alone have this knowledge? Who else in Satan's world could figure out what Jesus actually meant when he said 'generation'?"

  • snowbird

    LOL, Teel.


  • WTWizard

    And they bash the Trinity doctrine as being three beings, yet one being. The "a generation" teaching they are putting out is worse, since "a generation" is one, yet it is two, generations.

  • sir82

    Excellent point WTW!

    Athanasian creed:

    So the Father is God; the Son is God; and the Holy Ghost is God. And yet they are not three Gods; but one God.

    JW generation creed:

    There is a generation which saw the events of 1914; there is a generation which will see the start of Armageddon. Yet there are not 2 generations, but one generation.

  • minimus

    I agree with OTWO.


  • snowbird

    Not to mention the 1st century generation that witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem.

    To paraphrase Rutherford's view on the Trinity roughly, that would make "this generation" a freakish, three-headed monster!


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