"Music that debases, " LOL

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  • COMF

    Yeah, man, back in the sixties everybody wanted to puff the magic dragon.

    What? Growing up? Loss of innocence? Don't be ridiculous. Of course it's about drugs. Nixon's anti-drug people said so. What more do you need?



  • LDH

    Boozy, there was a similar rumor about ELO (electric light orchestra)

    and then the one about John denver asking JW to stand and salute the flag.....


  • Mulan

    I heard the same story about Don Ho, in Hawaii. But, that one was true. We had an acquaintance who worked for him. He said he hated the witnesses, and they had a big convention at the Aloha Bowl in 1963, (it may have been a later one at the Blaisdell Center) and he thought there just might be some dubs at his show, and did that "nasty thing", by having them stand, and then he played the National Anthem on his organ/piano.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • Moxy

    one of our recent CO's was particularly funny in this regard. he would also conclude that bands were wrong solely because of unusual names. and not even like really obscene names, just strange ones. like Smashmouth or Tragically Hip. hed say the name and sneer, 'do you young people listen to smaaashmooouth?' and youre supposed to react, 'ooh, smashmouth. you can tell theyre evil just by the sneering way he says their name.' of course, the elders that loved the hip etc. would just roll their eyes and joke about the poor CO behind his back.


  • JanH

    My initial rebellions while still being an active, zelous JW was about music. I was a big fan of Queen and David Bowie from as far back as I remember. I also loved Frankie Goes to Hollywood in the 80s. LOL. My best mate (who later became a JW elder drone) actually threw away some of his records from time to time, but I never did that. One of the first rebellions we were aware of as such, was me and my then-wife on vacation in Spain. We went to a great Hard Rock Cafe every night, and got our eyes opened to AC/DC, Guns & Roses and many other totaly depraved bands Also gave us a taste for going to pubs & bars later, after we got home.

    - Jan

  • jolly_green_giant

    to YOU KNOW,

    what kind of music do you listen to?

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