Thanking most of the board

by Valentine 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • larc

    Did you hear about the man with 5 dicks?

    His pants fit him like a glove.

  • sf

    It's not polite to point with your pants...period

    sKally, nursing a nasty head wound, yet no stitches were/ are needed, this saturday am/nite (moshpit situation)

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    Lil Missy innocent Prisca youre not gettin off the hook now, miss snow white, you started this, What about my malechauvinist pig ego? , youve had your lil fun.
    Ive gotten my plumbing out even if uncle brucey did pike out shakin in his tin booties. now you gotta reciprocate, I'll go easy on you cause I know you live in the Vatican an all, just the top off'll do. After all we live in a equal opportunity world now.
    Even better get your hot mate bigT and do us a double bill.

    Like a glove....BWaaaaaaa ha

  • MrMoe

    Tina ~ Consider yourself hugged...

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