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  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    Awwwwunc you jus wanna get into Tinas panties. But yer wastin yer time. She hates men.

    But really bigT cmon,girl,youve stated that the Arabicdic gave me away so who am I? what other posting names have I gone you under?
    Can you answer? Is the pressure gettin to ya?
    Make sure ya aint got no appointments for the next coupla councellin days if it is. Gotta get ourselfs right before can help others...

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    "gimme a chance!
    Ive only posted 7 times.
    No, Im not aware that I dessend into bad language immediately someone disagrees with me. And certainly I never become infuckinlol coherentbwAAA!!"

    you only posted 7 times... since yesterday... hmmm, either you have been here before as another poster (as suggested) or else you are a newbie who has no idea what tina's anger was all about... NO, i'm not giving you the option of being a lurker

    immediately?? bwahahah! i'm thinking you don't really know what went down cos tina was picked at for awhile before she went rank.

    p.s. if you are really new here, you are going to have to get used to this kind of thing, as it's much like the real world, you don't get to pick and choose how others behave, especially when they are angry. either deal with it or ignore it.

    p.s. if you are someone who posts here as someone else, i can think of a few people you might be ... (yes, i'm paranoid) and of those people, i'm friends with every single one of you. i tend to stay out of these little tiffs as they never fail to be between two buddies of mine and i dont want to pick sides. whoever you are, i dont mean to come off as such a bitch. tina's been through hell and back, and she seriously means a lot to me. i can look past her bursts of rage cos i know that i am just like her when someone irks me, i'll swear and tear ya apart, but i'll be okay 10 minutes later, and chances are whoever pissed me off is going to be a pal of mine sometime in the future anyhow. if you've got a problem with her just let it go until there is some debate, where you both disagree and there is a REAL reason to disagree. either that or take it to email cos i don't wanna see my momma t getting either.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Welcome back, Tina. Your email is locked, but I DID want to email you. Can you send it to me? ***HUGS***

  • zerubberballs

    G'day BATHORY (dirty larry),

    I have no interest in the contents of Tinas underdacks. She and I are just good friends! lol .. that doesn't sound very convincing but so be it ... if I stuck up for my mother you'd be saying the same thing you dirty basstard!

    unclebruce who thinks you 'have a thing' for tina (now now keep it clean Bathman)

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    Are you accussin me'a bein that scum lined greasy water marked BATHORY the great man, unc?
    I am flattered to be thought the BATH. Thanks unc.
    But Unc. Ive certainly noticed that you dont ride.. gallumph.. gallumph...on your cart horse like a rusty old caravan dwelling knight to the rescue of other damsels in distress when the BIg T and her cronies are on the attack. Unc...are you sure you aint interested in the big Ts bloomers contents???

  • unclebruce

    God knows where platonic leaves off and romantic starts DLB, one thing's for sure - I like Tina as a friend, if there's any romance in it, her husband seems cool with it

    As far as defending other females, i do it where i see it .. where else you been caus'n male chauvanist stife? LOL

    unc who doesn't follow many posts.

    PS: What about you? You like Tina way too much for yer own sanity yes?

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    The BigT has gotta pretty hot lookin head, ifn thats really her that is,Yeah I wouldnt mind a bit of a slap and tickle. Long as I was doin the SLAPPIN. Course its the CONTENTS of her head Im bothered about,not the dressing on the windows.
    Nah...Actually, I prefer my women, quieter spoken,mild of temper and more politE an submissive.I get scared by these pushy feminist types.
    Not crazy about blondes as a rule either.

  • unclebruce

    Too true DLB,

    With a busty blonde Dolly Parton type mother and 4 loud blonde sisters, blondes don't do much for me either .. more proof that tomboy Tina and I are like brother and sister. lol .. now put yer clod hoppers back on hOOter .. lol ..

    Yep I recon that's the sweet girls real picture but that's neither here nor there really .. Tina isn't one of those women you see suffering in silent servitude to some over bearing old fart at the Kingdom Hall. She's a free wheeling kick ass woman control freak Elders and headship wannabe's have nightmares about.

    Anyhow, I'll tell you something personal. Almost since the day i married susan she didn't like me 'taking the lead in prayer' at mealtime. It seems it was OK after bible studies etc.. but at the dinner table we soon settled into saying our own thanks. Susan is very quiet and reserved but a very clever lady (like a lot of pomme girls ;) So, I don't know about you but I never really got into the 'headship thing'. It's still a mystery to me how that's supposed to work. I can imagine it working if the man is naturally bright and dominant but not in most relationships. Is it any wonder most JW marriages fail when they 'leave the truth?'

    cheers ol' fella, unc.

    PS: I just like my women natural and happy. (as painful as that might be lol)

  • Prisca

    OK guys, I think it's about time we sorted it out. Sort what out, I hear you say?

    Come on boys - drop your dacks. Let's see who has the longest donger, and then we can get on with the rest of the evening in peace.

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    Ah. Cute chops... I'll only show mine if good ole uncle unc shows his too.
    ready unc? one....two...
    Ohhh shit...the missus...

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