Thanking most of the board

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  • Valentine

    Especially simon and ann,
    And all those who emailed me with love concern and support.I received about 60 emails,several phone calls.
    Your love and compassion helped me thru a bad few days. And for those who gave me unconditional love,for my acting out behavior,you are the people that makes this place and the world better for all.
    You know who you are,Thank you so very very much for this loving community called JWD. And I am here for anyone else who gets dificult days, I've worked with some of you already and you know who you are.You have given me much more than I can say,luv,Tina

  • tyydyy

    Hey Tina,
    I don't think I was one of those you are speakin' of but WELCOME BACK! I don't always agree with you but I always love you. (what am I saying? I don't always agree with myself.) I know what your thinking. You're thinking: " Who is this guy?" LOL You are part of what makes me want to come here.


  • Valentine

    Thanks. Hey,we dont have to agree with each other that's what free speech and debate is all about! I do read your posts,find them excellent! Great sense of humor too.
    Takes all different kinds to make this village! Amd that's why it's never ever boring lol. Among all the great and serious topics/issues happenin! luv,T

  • unclebruce


    I'm sorry you've been through a tough time. (i wasn't there for you either :(

    You bring so much joy and pizzaz to the board it kinda dies when you're not posting .. you're one in 10,000 .. um .. 100,000? .. buggered if I know, I don't get out much lol. Anyway, I love ya sweetheart. I'm so glad you had people lifting you up when you needed it, you've helped more here than you'll ever know. I better go before i go all teary eyed and blubbery..

    You make people smile and laugh and think all at the same time .. a rare talent, you're quite a gal. (Some people are hard to ignore lol)

    xxx unc.

  • Valentine

    and yer the cheeky galah in my life!! Unc you've done so much for me the last few years. Having you for a great friend is worth yer weight in diamonds- Stay around and stay sparkley ! I love you too kiwi head lol.And tell me when ya get that darned box-it has some Fundy soap in it,so you can wash yer sins away bwaaaaaaaaaaaa,luv always,hooters

  • unclebruce

    Hey Tina,

    I'm finally headed home tommorrow

    Some people recon this place is rad .. check out this responce I just got to RevHollingworth in another place: (it's late but there may be kiddies watching, i'll put some **** thingies in place of the f word):


    what the **** are you people talking about? dancing in taliban blood? you're ****ing retarded... how to wage the perfect war? how bout i wage my nuts on yer chins? goddamn, religion blows... you people believe too much bullshit... yah, you know.. the stuff that falls out of a male cow's anus... yeah... thats what you read every wednesday and sunday nites... bullshit... **** jesus, **** you, and **** your damn religion....

    gee some people get so excited! (if ya press thier buttons hard enough;) Geez i love hearing folks rant, christians, pagans, beerguts who cares .. raw emotion is so revealing .. LOL.

    havagoodweekend unc.

  • Julie

    HI Tina-girl,

    Sorry to have hogged up all your caller ID memory that day---lol!!!

    I love ya, you know it, always there for you and vice versa--

    Honored to have you at the top of my Friend List.


  • teejay

    Well, tina...

    what i wanna say is... aww hell... you know what i wanna say...

  • ISP

    Thats pretty cool Tina! Hope things are well now!



  • Dino

    Hi Tina.
    I have never posted to you before but let me say that I am glad you're back. Hope things get better, as I am sure they will.


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