Favorite movie line?

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  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    "havent i made it abundantly clear during the tenure of our friendship that i dont know shit?" - brodie, mallrats

  • Scully

    "They usually travel in pairs"
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
    Woody Allen

  • Sherri

    Just about anything from Harold and Maude, my all-time favourite movie. Some bits:

    "Reach out. Take a chance. Get hurt, even. But play as well as you can...Otherwise, you've got nothing to talk about in the locker room."

    "How the world dearly loves a cage..."

    "A lot of people enjoy being dead. But they're not dead, not really. They're just backing away from life."

    And from O Brother, Where Art Thou?:
    "Gopher?" (Tim Blake Nelson offering George Clooney gopher-on-a-stick)
    This movie is a must-see. Funny, with great music.

  • butalbee

    "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?" Batman

    I don't remember the name of this movie, but the line stuck in my head, "As far as I can tell, I don't have a brain..."

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    just watched Gone with the wind, so after frankly....(since larc already posted)
    mammie: it ain't fittin, ain't fittin......just ain't fittin

    jack nicholson
    a few good men

    YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scully

    OK this is NOT from a movie. It's from a cartoon. The Tick.

    Tonight's episode:

    "Eating kittens is just..... WRONG!!"

    Love, Scully

    PS, he was referring to the kind of kittens that say 'meow'

    It is not persecution for an informed person to expose a certain religion as being false. - WT 11/15/63

    A religion that teaches lies cannot be true. -WT 12/1/91

  • tyydyy

    You met me at a very strange time in my life Final line in FIGHT CLUB.

    Why? Reminds me of the transition from the JW's. I have actually said those words.


  • Rummy1

    "The good news is I am a cop and I do have to take you in....the bad news is .. I've just been suspended and I don't give a fuck !! "
    (Cue loud gunshots..... cue end credits ) Cop (James Woods 1987)

    "Saddle up Apone....We're going in ..." Aliens (Lt Gorman 1986)

    "This is a five point suppository .... stick it up your ass" The Enforcer (Clint 1976)

    "Carol the waitress.....Simon the fag...) As Good As It Gets (Jack Nicholson 1997)

    "You can change the world with a bullet in the right place..." If (Malcolm McDowell 1968)

    "Who ARE those guys?They're beginning to get on my nerves.." Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Paul Newman 1969)

  • Prisca

    "Be afraid; be very afraid."

    Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club.

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    "Gomez, last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate howling beast. You frightened me... Do it again."---Morticia Addams in 'The Addams Family'.

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