Have you ever deleted friends on facebook?

by asilentone 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I use the "hide" feature and I block some people from seeing my posts and wall even though we are still technically "friends". You can hide all the games without hiding people's posts. So I don't see any of that game stuff. I'm not interested.

  • Cinnamon (TOO)
    Cinnamon (TOO)

    My friend list has a limit of 10. It's at 11 right now because I made an exception for an ex-JW with some interesting similarities. No co-workers allowed -- I want my private life to remain private.

    Facebook friends are not a pokemon game. I don't need to collect 'em all.

  • Cinnamon (TOO)
    Cinnamon (TOO)

    sorry, I forgot to address the OP. Yes, I delete people and ignore some friend requests. They are usually people I don't talk to on a regular basis.

  • daringhart13

    Bizarre.....I was thinking of sitting down tonight and deleting all my JW friends and BLOCKING them too.....

    I can't come to a decision as to whether its best to leave them on there and ignore them.....or delete them. Its getting around that I've disappeared.

    I had one notorious gossip email me on FB to ask if "it was true.....I'm hearing rumors" .......LOL, I hit the delete button.

    I'm still debating what to do; but would love to delete a bunch of them......

  • daringhart13

    Oh.....and I started ignoring all JW friend requests about 3 months ago. I just delete them, block them or ignore them.

  • Scott77

    daringhart13 ,

    You have my support. Kick them off the curb. They have no bussiness on your fb buddy list. Remember, a dub's goal is to win you back at all cost. That is their mentality.


  • daringhart13

    You're right Scott....

    Although, I think they are just more interested in how they can slander you to all the other 'brothers'....... they just love to get some 'dirt'.....what else are they going to talk about in field service LOL

  • lisavegas420

    I don't remember ever deleting anyone. I have blocked news feeds from a few preachy people, but then a few weeks later I looked at their wall, and they had calmed down and I unblock the feeds..because other than that one broken record, they were pretty interesting, and I've blocked the games (that don't play).


  • Kum Vulcan
    Kum Vulcan

    I am with Scully. Zapped my account. What a colossal waste of time....

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