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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you so much for all the advice. It is grealy appreciated. I love this place everyone is so caring and kind and its nice to know that someone else has been where I am and where I'm trying to go.So once again thank you so very much.

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!


  • Adonai438

    Yikes & Welcome :)
    I guess it depends on why you don't believe it's the truth anymore.
    Kamikaze would be the funnest approach and I have read of many people that have tried it :) I hope you still believe in God but don't agree with WT doctrine and actions because of the Bible.
    Whichever way works best for ya but when questioned you should let them know outright why. The odds that they will care are nill but you want your motives to be accurate and crystal clear- they sometimes make things up to make a person sound scary so no one will talk to them :( If you are serious about leaving a written DA might me good so there is no question as to why. I don't know but my prayers are with you (I am a christian now- not JW :) )


    Hey Diamond,bumping your mom off and getting divorced is tricky,but it can be done.(LOL)However I would suggest fading away.It may not give you the same sense of adventure,but you won`t have to worry about where to hide the body and alimony sucks..LOL...OUTLAW



    You are the man. I'm still laughing at your post. Thanks for the advice. I think you are my new best friend. Our sense of humor is the same.



    HA-HA!Hey Diamond,welcome to the board!...OUTLAW

  • Pureheart

    Hey diamond,
    I'm just fading. When people ask me where I have been, I just say, "out of town." The look on my face tells them not to ask anymore nosy questions. I missed so many theocratic school meetings, that I think that they do not assign me talks anymore.
    My advice to you is, take each day as it come and do what you feel the most comfortable with. A good wife is not easy to come by, so protect that relationship as best that you can. And do not lose faith in your Creator. Welcome to the best place on the Internet!


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