Resignation - not that it matters at all, but ....

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  • gumby

    Hey hippmeister! I would think stepping down as an elder would be much like the feeling a man has when he retires from a job he has been doing for a long long time. For some it could be a relief and for others a lost feeling.
    I served as an elder only 5 or 6 years so I cannot relate to this as you can.
    You are a bold man to do this knowing there will be repercussions.
    You have made a good step in deciding to not live a lie as many do to keep from losing their families.....however I can see their reasoning too. I wish you the best and please keep us posted if you wish.

  • JT

    YOYO MAMA says:

    Good for you Old Hippie. It's nice to see how Jehovah motivated you in order to cleanse the congregation

    this post really says a mouthful, when on considers how difficult it must be for YOYO MAMA to see someone take a stand on an issue and then act on it

    let's look at his situation-

    YYo Mama is only at the level in his journey out of the org and many of us recall when we too were at YOYO MAMA's level
    where we tried to dog a bro like OlD Hippie, but deep down inside we knew that despite our appearance of being a loyal and supportive jw

    we were in fact living a lie- yes that double life

    we knew that all the former jw on the sites, knew that wt rules forbide us from being here

    yet we can- so to hide how YOYOMAMA really feels he tries to cut the man by saying god is cleaning him out of the org

    when in fact any Co or DO would rip ya ya mama head off for being here in this site

    according to all the instructions from the FDS YAYA MAMA knows that he is not suppose to be here - so to show that he is a big man and as one guy used to say:

    "No one tells me what to do" yet if his PO cked his Cookie files would YAYA MAMA challenge him on his right to surf the net anywhere he wanted to- we all know the answer by heart sile

    so YOYO -many of us fully understand the INNER Strugggle that you are dealing with and we will be here to help you when you decide to make your leave as well and you will look back on your statement and say:

    "Damn I should have gotten out when Old Hippie did"

    instead you will spend another SAt morning wasting your time selling worthless books instead of working on your Golf Stroke

    how sad


  • JT

    Typical JW thinking

    I agree and while many felt that i was wrong to paint brush an entire group of peopel by generalizing,

    but the fact is there is a "Typical JW Thinking" and this is just another example- the programming of jw is one in which the "The person is the problem"
    and as long as that mindset rules as king - you will contiue to get what you get

    no one hardly ever thinks maybe the org is wrong instead it is the PERSON


  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Like my man JT, I've dogged you too. But, equally I've been dogged in the past by others for defending that which cannot be defended. Congratulations then, and, take it steady.

    JT - super posts!


  • gumby

    JT says to on your golf stroke.
    Amen! Put your balls to good use....keep them in your golf bag instead of your bvd"s tucked out of site of the borg.

  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Is YoYoMama male or female? Am I missing something?


  • LDH

    Oh thank God. For a minute I thought you were leaving the site!

    TOH, you know all those WT articles about being a spiritual man? Now you really can go be one if you want, without having to file form S-77 and all that other crap.

    Yoyo is right, Jehovah really IS pulling honest hearted ones out of the congregation! Soon, the congregation will be entirely cleansed of all who love truth. Then, all that will be left is the Society Men, and they'll still be selling Week 53 on that Beachfront Timeshare.


  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    Old Hippie:

    Congratulations! From the experiences of family and close friends who stepped aside, I know how tough your choice was and how brave you really are.


    Right on. And it's also nice to see Jehovah motivating valient men like Bill Bowen to cleanse the congregation of pedophiles, despite the fierce persecution he and his family must endure.

  • gumby

    LPH....JT say's.....YYo Mama is only at the level in his journey out of the org and many of us recall when we too were at YOYO MAMA's level

    I assumed yoyo is a he. I don't know for sure.
    So what is your gender yoyo?

  • Mum

    All the best to you. I know it is hard to let go of something that has been part of you for so long. But it's never to late to take the first step toward self-fulfillment and choices that are appropriate for yourself.

    Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow. - Horace

    I have learned to live each day as it comes and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. - Dorothy Dix

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