Why is it so hard for Ex-JWs to make that "final step" and give up Christianity?

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  • sabastious

    I'm not sure if it's just denial on a lot of people's part, but the REASON the JWs doctrine is so wacky and controlling is because they are among the few religions that REALLY try to follow the BIBLE!

    The BIBLE is the culprit here in actuality, but even after someone has "wizened up" to the misguided teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses they still hold the BIBLE as inspired word of God.

    Why don't you believe that the Governing Body was chosen as the Faithful and Discreet Slave in 1918? Because the ONLY REAL evidence to that fact is that THEY SAY SO. Hmmm, wonder where they got THAT kind of thinking from...? Sure a witness can give you "fact after fact" as to why the JW org is guided by Jehovah using their little gems of logic.

    It's exactly the same concept with the Bible!

    There IS NO historical record of Jesus Christ, the FLOOD DID NOT HAPPEN. It's is painfully obvious that the Bible is a fraud, just like it is painfully obvious that the JWs are frauds, you just have to do the same thing you did to the JWs to see the absurdities of the Bible...

    TAKE A STEP BACK AND LOOK... REALLY LOOK at the Bible and you will find it as fraudulent as the JWs themselves.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I agree.

  • slimboyfat

    I don't think it is that hard, and I think most former Witnesses make the transition away from the Bible fairly painlessly, compared with the initial trauma of realising the Witnesses don't have the truth. It's just that those who cling to the Bible after leaving the Witnesses are noisy about it.

    You are right it is incredible that some will leave the Witnesses on the basis that 1914 can't be supported, yet somehow accept the flood and reject evolution.

    Or even if they are fairly liberal and don't take the flood or creation accounts literally, how can people who reject the blood doctrine or abuse policy as immoral, at the same time have no problem with the Old Testament where atrocities are presented as being sanctioned by God?

  • dgp

    I agree, too.

  • frankiespeakin

    Because some programming is harder to get rid of, each has their own pace. Religion is like a drug, it offers comfort at price and some need it to function and cope.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    I disassociated last month after 21 years in the organization. Because I had had a remarkable experience of finding that God was truly THERE and because I felt bound to express what I knew about him even if it was not in the LITERATURE, the brothers banned me from speaking to other witnesses. Our P.O. asked me if it was not true that everything I knew about God I had learned from the Faithful Slave. I said I would be a liar if I agreed that were true. I had known God before I knew his name and before I had heard of Jehovah's Witnesses. That in itself is heretical evidentally.

    The chief issue that broke me away in the beginning was on the need for us to recognize that Jehovah may have used the scriptures to communicate with us , but we humans invent the words--a handicap for even God when he wants to communicate with us. I told them that everyone who comes to God must accept a measure of personal responsibility for listening --and not throught the filter of the Society's publications. but through our understanding of the words and through our ggod-faith efforts to respond as we understand. Jesus in being called the Logos was the living utterance of God. Jesus didn't trust words --even his own writings--to do what parables could do. Jesus left us his example because words fail us all the time, don't they?

    Jesus did live, fellows. Pliny the Elder knew that this "Christus" was the one for whom early followers gathered to honor. Rome under (I think) Trajan punished them for these gathering where they pledged their determination to defraud no one and to commit no fornication, etc. Around that time Polycarp was discipled by the apostle John who was an eyewitness to the existence of Jesus.

    If we ever rely on the words or histories of others, would we not find it hard to accept the existence of Jesus for the reasons that we have accepted the witness of other writers on other topics.

    The organization so mediates what they call "the Truth" so completely that many cannot conceive of the existence of God except by the declaration of the Society. There is no good that this organization can do to offset this singlre damning effect. They completely deny anyone a relationship to Jehovah or Jesus that is not mediated by the few in the Governing Body of the Faithful Slave. I pointed out to them that Rev. 14 says that the anointed follow the Lamb where ever he goes; yet this cannot be done when the anointed are under the direction of the governing Body no less than the rest of us! Their own relationship to the Lamb is compromised, nulifed be the arrangement of obedience under the governing body. The brothers cannot nulify the scriptures. But they cannot say a word at all.

    This organization has betrayed their commision at a fundamental level. I had a tough time. I lved in the extreme hardship of a poor household and a very rural home. I had seven children and I thank God that non of them are still Jehovah's Witnesses. Nor did they marry any. But it left scars on us. There were some fine times, and some fine people. But none of them talk to me now. I is a small price to pay for religious freedom.

    I would be glad to discuss this further. I find God has been kind to me in this long dark trial of leaving this cult. i even had to write the Branch to see if there were a way to maintain my conscience toward God. Their answer was laughable and really set me free.

    The Bible is an ancient text and no one should ever try to tell us what the Hebrew Scriptures definitively say in most cases. Check out ancient Hebrew script. To draw theolgical inferences and try to make them super refined and never allow for a measure of open discussion on some things that are NOT CERTAIN is arrogant pedantry. It is what is claimed that the Catholic Church denied its members hundreds of years ago--the freedom to read the bible for themselves.

    Don't give up Christianity until you get the chance to detox from the Witness indoctrination. Go toe to toe with God.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I went toe to toe with God and found out that he and the goddess were the universe, everything I see in nature IS god/dess. It was a process for me: shed the WTS, get with God in a church, realize that for me God was not of the Bible, get with Wicca and do witchcraft to commune with God/dess in nature. I'm happy But really, to each their own.

  • glenster

    "Why is it so hard for Ex-JWs to make that 'final step' and give up

    Some will continue to believe in a possible God beyond the see-able, touchable
    world. I can't think of any reason they shouldn't, only that whether people do
    or not, they could agree that you don't mess with the known, that nobody should
    be hurt or killed over it, and that people who are too 'centric about it either
    way are the real pain in the a**. Understanding a faith as such should include
    those basics.

    The JWs leaders have been offenders on all three fronts.

    To put the comparison between belief in God and the JWs leaders simply, God is
    possible, they're not.

  • sabastious
    Jesus did live, fellows. Pliny the Elder knew that this "Christus" was the one for whom early followers gathered to honor. Rome under (I think) Trajan punished them for these gathering where they pledged their determination to defraud no one and to commit no fornication, etc. Around that time Polycarp was discipled by the apostle John who was an eyewitness to the existence of Jesus.

    This reasoning is as faulty as JW reasoning. Look harder my friend. I do not mean to demean or bash your faith, but look deeper.


  • Piercingtheveil81

    I gave up Christianity and embraced Islam.

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