new light over the next 5 years?

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  • dozy

    The next new light?

    OK – a bit of idle speculation here – feel free to add your own thoughts.

    A few changes that the WTS might make over the next 5 years and my odds:

    144,000 is symbolic odds – 2/1

    Last confirmed as literal in 2004 , this has been flagged up by the recent removal of 1935 as the date that the heavenly calling came to an end and may well be spurred on by the recent growth of partakers. The WTS may imply that the number may not be literal without definitely saying that it is symbolic.

    Autologus blood transfusions downgraded to conscience issue odds - 3/2

    Bearing in mind that the GB back in 2002 temporarily allowed this then backtracked , I think it is certain that eventually they will allow it. All the indications are that as an organisation they are increasingly distancing themselves ( for legal reasons) from being perceived as directly instructing JWs not to take transfusions and it isn’t impossible that they distance themselves by publishing an article like they did on voting , for example. It would seem that there was a possibility of the traditional 2010 “don’t take blood” service meeting item being cancelled and HLC members have been instructed not to give talks to other congregations so I am offering as a long shot 25/1 on blood transfusions no longer being explicity condemned by the WTS.

    Awake magazine scrapped altogether odds 3/1

    Perfect cost cutting measure and the dumbing down of the public Watchtower increasingly makes the Awake seem pointless. The incessant tract & invitation campaigns are making the magazine distribution work less important anyway.

    FADS defined as only the GB – domestics are the anointed in general odds 6/1

    Although this is tacitly understood to be the case already , a definitive tightening of this definition may be on the cards , especially as the WTS has been at pains to dismiss any “non GB anointed” as of no relevance. It reinforces the authority of the GB.

  • jwfacts

    Great list. I agree that all the above are likely.

    Regarding the Slave, the Watchtower's current definition is confusing and makes little sense.

      "If all the anointed as a group, no matter where on earth they live, are members of the slave class, who are the "domestics"? They are the same anointed ones but considered from a different viewpoint-as individuals. Yes, as individuals they would be of the "slave" or they would be "domestics," depending on whether they were dispensing spiritual food or partaking of it. To illustrate: As recorded at 2 Peter 3:15, 16, the apostle Peter makes reference to Paul's letters. When reading them, Peter would be as one of the domestics feeding on the spiritual food provided by Paul as a representative of the slave class." Watchtower 1995 May 15 p.16

    In recent times the Watchtower is becoming more open to admitting that the leadership in the form of the Governing Body in fact represent the Slave, and downplaying the importance of the rest of the anointed. Watchtower 2009 June 15:

      "However, Christians who have truly received this anointing do not demand special attention. They do not believe that their being of the anointed gives them special insights beyond what even some experienced members of the "great crowd" may have." Page 23
      "Today, the Governing Body represents the faithful and discreet slave class." Image on page 23
      "Similarly, today a limited number of anointed men have the responsibility of representing the slave class. They make up the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses." Page 24
  • teel

    They could sidestep the issue of 144.000 as symbolic by saying there always were "other sheep" even in the first century, that would allow them to almost completely fill up the numbers just in the modern days. If 1935 wasn't a seal on the annointed, then it wasn't a door on the "other sheep" either, was it?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    New things next 5 years? Here are some pretty easy ones the WTS could do.

    I think doing away with the Awake magazine would be the most likely of these things to happen in the next 5 years. Haven't looked at one in 15 yrs, but can't really see why it's absolutely needed and would be a big cost savings for the WTS. Odds 1/1

    WTS will make college education a conscience matter and will quit pestering people about it. Odds 3/2

    Allowing Autologus blood transfusions as a conscience matter. Odds 2/1

    FS will not be mandatory to be considered an active JW. Some type of monetary pledge to the WTS to help support the WW or volunteer work to the cong. will be allowed in-lieu of FS. This move will keep more people (including youth) as JW's and provide more money to the WTS. FS will still be encouraged, but the days of everyone dreading having to go will be over. Odds 3/1

    Think About It

  • OnTheWayOut

    144,000 is symbolic odds – 2/1

    Definitely not in 5 years. Maybe later.

    Autologus blood transfusions downgraded to conscience issue odds - 3/2

    Maybe so. This has been slowly eroding- slowly so that they avoid lawsuits from family that have lost loved ones, but surely enough that they avoid future lawsuits over the issue and retain people that would probably leave over medical issues.

    Awake magazine scrapped altogether odds 3/1

    I feel that they are ahead of the problem of bleeding off too much money on literature. I don't think they were losing money when they cut back on literature, but they were close to that point. I have no doubt with the current bad economy that they will feel the pinch in 2010 and it may spell the end of Awake a whole lot sooner. They had warehouses full of extra books when they were switching to softcover, now those are gone. Most publications are not for huge public distributions, but are for the dubs to keep themselves. There's not a whole lot more to cut back on. Canceling Awake is a mental block, a panic to the members. I bet they try combining it into the public WT mag before scrapping it. It would be WT on the cover, but the members would be told it's both inside.

    FADS defined as only the GB – domestics are the anointed in general odds 6/1


    I also think there will be a big turn at the GB. As Ted J. passes the batton (from his casket) they will either get more liberal or more controlling. I bet it's liberal. No matter what they do, they are in trouble with young ones. I see them trying to accept what young people do and retain them by allowing more freedom. Of course, I could be wrong and they could just tighten up and keep the adults they have and assert more control over them.

  • wobble

    I think the lack of cash flow ,despite being asset and investment rich, will concern them to the point where they would like to introduce tithing.

    I doubt they would have the brass neck to introduce a compulsory 10%, but I foresee the "principle" of tithing and of "first fruits" being stressed to the point that a lot of DumbDubs feel compelled to up their contributions. I doubt the as an "alternative to FS" idea, no bugger would go out.

    Odds ? 3/2 ? I dunno, but it will happen.


  • teel

    If there is cancellig of a magazine, I think it would be the public Watchtower instead, and merging its contents into the Awake. Then it's a clear cut distinction: Awake for public, Watchtower for the hardcore.

    I say this because in the public's eyes Awake is the more interresting magazine. In my FS I heard several times people say that they read the Awake, but the Watchtower not so much.

  • alanv

    I think we need to remember that they are still making money on the magazines. Many have suggested that since the donation arrangment came in they could be getting paid twice for the same magazine. Firstly when the witlless picks up the mags then secondly when it is placed on the door.

    I can't see that combining them would save much money. They would still be spending time writing them, still using the same amount of ink and paper, and still delivering them. These costs stay the same.

    Cleaely if you were to offer just a 32 page WT the donation would be smaller. Also when you are printing in the millions it makes the producing of one magazine a few cents (or pence in Britain) So big profit margin.

  • sweet

    on the whole college is a conscience matter anyways today....i know quite a few jws that are going to college...tons of jws go to vo-tech school during and after high school...there are even online college courses you can take and jws can spend as little or as much time as they want to on the online college courses...

    but for myself regardless of what religion i am, i chose not to do the whole college thing. I mean just look at the economy...look at how the career/jobs are anyways. college is just another is all nothing but getting most people in trouble with fraternities...sororities...etc...etc...mostly drinking, wild parties, and sex. another bill that parents of the college students or the college students themselves have to pay in the long run and their degree now these days don't even count as much, even with degrees it doesn't seriously guarantee you a higher paying job.

  • TD

    Slight modification to the Great Crowd teaching.

    Sooner or later even JW's will realize that those who stood up in 1935 and were explicitly told that they were the "Great Multitude" have passed on. At the very least, I would expect them to quit making statements about the "Bright flash of light" in 1935 that only emphasize this fact. At most, they might actually have to create a third class of Christians.

    Further adjustment to the "Blood issue"

    The JW parent organization(s) wants very badly to limit their liability. Actually it's more of a need than a want.

    Personal responsibility and autonomy are the key. The problem is, the complexity of the issue severely limits both and efforts to simplify it have all backfired. The list of prohibited and allowed preparations and procedures just keeps getting longer and more complicated. Frankly, most of the people here on JWN don't even seem to understand it anymore and you're all far more informed than the average JW. DPA's mean nothing when there is diminished responsibility. (i.e. The level of medical knowledge required to execute the document exceeds a reasonable standard. )

    I don't know what they will try next, but further change is inevitable.

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