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  • JBean

    Thank you Joel... we love you, don't forget that. Flower: please stay with us...things get better, although many times slower than we'd like. Jbean

  • Yadirf


    I left because I did not see many witnesses working toward the ideal that I held in my heart as truth. That ideal being basically the willingness to submit personal will to a higher will for the good of the whole of the group. This is Lifeism at its core.
    You show a great deal of insight here, Joel. The particular "ideal" of which you speak is the essential ingredient that when finally appreciated by all that live will make it possible for all creation, whether they be angels or men, to live at peace with one another inside the stupendously huge cosmos which God has made to be occupied.

    Take care, Joel.


    Daniel 11:35 ... a KEY prophecy that must be fulfilled before the "time of the end" gets underway.

  • Xena


    Best wishes on whatever road you choose to travel. Feel free to email anytime, I always enjoy hearing from you!

  • proplog2

    JW's have been culture formed for survival. They are the only ones equipped to survive the turmoil the world is about to undergo. They don't understand their significance - yet.

  • MrMoe

    Oh Joel darling. Do you really wish to be associated with a group of gay bashers who despise you for who you are INSIDE as a person? Is this a group you really want to be part of?

    I do understand what is it too seek for something and never to find it. Perhaps the truth lies not in a religion, but in a personal spirituality. The belief in a higher power is within yourself and all around you. The satisfaction of a God/Goddess is with in YOU. Not some religious cult of oppressive judgmental self-righteous pricks who believe their god at Armageddon will kill my 3 year old daughter for smoking a cigarette.

    Let me ask you one question Joel. Go to your local mall, find the most adorable non-JW child and slit their throat. Can you do it? HELL NO! Well why would you worship a God who would do the same and has done the same? Answer me this darling.

    Again, PLEASE, think about this. Religion is not the key, personal beliefs are. I believe in a higher power so to speak, but I am not Christian nor do I belong to any religion. Now that I have found what I feel to be all of the answers, I have a great satisfaction within me because it is something I discovered on my own. I always had it within me, but I finally opened my eyes to what my heart and soul were telling me all along. YOU can do the same darling, trust me.

    (((((((((((((Joel)))))))))))))) I will be thinking of you.

  • AMarie


    I must admit, when I heard that you were returning to the JWs, I was completely shocked. However, please know that whatever path you take, I wish you total peace and happiness. You are one of the sincerest people I have ever met, and I have always enjoyed reading your post. You will be missed.


  • TR

    Amazed at Yadirf for not even willing to go as far a Joel within the WTS.


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • joelbear

    Read Yadirf's post above.

    Do you not ever ponder what is truth? I do.

    So many of you have concentrated on my personal circumstances, my homosexuality, Mitch, etc. I appreciate those thoughts greatly, I really do.

    I am trying to raise the discussion to a different level, the value of the ideal, the value of truth. The value of submitting our wills to that of a greater good.

    I am reinvestigating this value system. Part of this investigation includes a reinvestigation of the Witnesses. I am also reading a book on world religions. I am also remaining celibate for a while to see how this affects my life view. I know people here evaluate things outside of themself. That is what I am doing.

    The discussion here has grown incredibly one sided. I find one sided discussions to be of little value. I also tend to cheer for the underdog. At this discussion forum, the Watchtower society is the underdog since it has few proponents. I also tend to be very resistant to people trying to hammer me into making a decision they agree with.

    As with the decision for me to leave the witnesses, my homosexuality was not the core point. It is still not the core point. It somewhat disturbs me that anyone feels that my sexuality is the core of my being. It is an attribute, but there are things that I value well above ejaculation.

    I appreciate your concerns.

    Take care


  • ianao

    Morality, and Reality are two different things joelbear.

    The discussion here has grown incredibly one sided. I find one sided discussions to be of little value.
    Witness doublethink at work in your thought processes. You think you are going to have a balanced discussion amongst witnesses? Do you honestly believe that?

    I also tend to be very resistant to people trying to hammer me into making a decision they agree with.
    The tendancy may be so, but it looks like you've let your guard down, as somebody has already 'hammered' something into your impressionable skull.
  • JBean

    Hi again Joel. I do appreciate what you are doing and am trying hard to not be one-sided. If you find something of real value in your journey that you feel we all might have missed somewhere along the line, please let us know about it. Jbean

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