My interview with Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Danni

    Nathan Natas Two thoughts - what woould they do if a registered sex offender wanted to study the Bible with them and engage in the door-to-door ministry?

    Sorry to say if they have registered with the county as they are suppose to. It's not against the law to knock on peoples doors. However, they are not suppose to have any contact with children. They know this. If the parent of that child allows her child to be alone with a child molester we cannot do anything about it until it's been reported. This is why I am trying to find out what's going on with the children and to let them know they can report this to the police. If they are encouraged not to whoever is telling them this is breaking the law and could find themelves brought up on charges.
    That is with all kinds of abuse not just sexuall. IMO Sexuall is the worst.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Oh man Dannii! I loves ya!
    You go asking the dubs sticky questions and your not even a member.
    Let alone a dirty apostate! That is great.Haha! Theyd be going back thru their records checking if you had any apostate connections in your family, what a connundrum when they found you didnt have.
    Dannii. You can NEVER be a dub, really, you have too much of an inquiring mind. Good for you.

    But didnt you, originally, come on this board because of some JW guy you were interested in?
    You know this is going to kill your relationship...dont you?

  • Room 215
    Room 215


    I believe I asked you about this in another thread, but I can't help wondering how forthright the JWs were with you about revealing one of their ``fine print'' items that usually come due after you get baptised, i.e: that policemen (or woman) who carry firearms will be required to change jobs or lose their standing in JWdom, up to and ncluding shunning.

  • Danni

    Room 215 I didn't have a chance to talk about that, infact I was surprised to see how quickly they cut their meeting short after I began asking questions.

    refiners fire LOL You and Dave are crazy.

    detective I see you are using your mind like a dectective lawer LOL if there's such thing. I am on top of it , I won't let this get out of control. And thanks for looking out for me.

  • seven006

    Officer chick with a gun Danni,

    Your partner sound like a real smart ass. We'd probably get along just great. If you don't retain some kind of a sense of humor in that job you end up shooting the wrong people. That is frowned on in most departments. I still get a kick out of calling pot/grass "green vegetable material."

    Your comments about JW parents loving their children is well taken. I don't think anyone on this board thinks that all JW people are evil like they think we are. The major complaint by most on this board is their obstinate stance on certain issues like disfellowshipping, shunning, blood, and the over all self righteous attitude that is hidden among their ranks. You will never see how they look at us or feel the pain that one has when their family is mentally kidnapped from them and you are looked at as if you are dead.

    The JW's will show the outside world a nice little Rockwellian painting with happy little kids and loving parents. We have all experienced their brand of love. Until you see it through our eyes you will never understand. Just like the German people during world war two, they looked at Hitler as their savior and were convinced he would bring them out of their economic devastation. At first he looked good but as his power increased so did his real intention of total domination. The German people were duped just as the JW's are duped by their power hungry and mind controlling leaders.

    The JW's are taught love, compassion and understanding but it is in the direction of their own kind. You mentioned before how the JW's must have love for their neighbor because they go door to door all the time talking to them. What you don't know is that is as far as it goes. If their neighbor does not show interest in their religion (which most don't) the JW's will not lift a finger to try and associate with them. You are considered spiritually weak if you associate with "worldly people. That is not love. It is all for show Danni, just like the phony smiles they have in front of the people in their own congregations who do not fit into their little clicks. I belonged to four different congregations in my life and the story was the same in each one of them. Judging each other is their greatest theological virtue and they mistake that as love.

    What you see on the outside is not the way it is in real life. I feel bad for them. They want to love and lead a good life but the boundaries on having a complete understanding of what love really is has blinded them to look no further than the teachings of the watchtower publications. They are worshipers of a cultish religious theory. Their publications are their god. That is why once you start going door to door to spread their teachings you are called a "publisher."

    There is more to it than you will want to find out Danni. I admire your effort and applaud your drive. Trust me when I say you will soon tire of it and see that you cannot reason with brainwashed minds. I can tell you one thing, the guy you are interested in who got you started on this quest is probably in some hot water right now. Especially if you two have been meeting for lunch and things like that. Don't be surprised if he looks at you like you have the plegue now. I hope I am wrong here but I'v seen it before, it's all part of the game.

    Take care and have a lowfat sugar free maple bar on me! (cop humor)


    PS: I'm sure you already know this but if you get the permission from a person to record them first it is not against the law. If they refuse to let you record them then taking notes will work just as well.

  • ISP

    Hey, Danni! welcome back to the board. Hope you stick around and keep us in the picture.


  • AlanF

    Danni, you're absolutely right that JWs love their children and don't want any harm, especially child molestation, to come to them. The problem is that they love the JW organization more. The result is that when anything threatens to besmirch "Jehovah's name" -- meaning the reputation of the JW organization -- JWs are trained to do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat. If that means covering up the abuse of their own children, many of them have done it.

    Around 1995-6 when I was living in Portland, Oregon, I heard a radio news story about a man in Woodland, Washington (I think), which is about 30 miles north of Portland, who was arrested and confessed to molesting about 35 boys during the previous 20 years. Then it came out that the man was a Jehovah's Witness. A couple of months later I called the police department in the town and asked about the case. It was by then scheduled for court. I don't know the final outcome. Now ask yourself: How could a man who regularly attends a congregation of JWs manage to get his hands on 35 boys and not get caught? It's virtually impossible. The conclusion is that at least some of the boys' parents, in cooperation with elders, suppressed the information and handled matters internally. Until the early 1990s this was not uncommon, according to my sources internal to the Watchtower Society.

    One story that one of my sources tells is diagnostic of what has been wrong with Watchtower practice. It seems that a prominent JW elder was accused and confessed to molestating a small girl. Seems she had gotten onto his lap and he couldn't control himself. He was "reproved" in the usual JW manner, but somehow his case got back to the top brass in Brooklyn. During a meeting of this brass they discussed the case, and one of the officials expressed disgust that a number of fine JW elders were being lured by small girls into molesting them and then getting whacked for sexual impropriety, which reduced their usefulness to the Society. Some of the attendees looked at him like he was nuts. Unfortunately, this man's sense of ethics is not uncommon among the JW 's topmost leaders. Remember that they're very old men who have never had children, and they don't know a damn thing about children. Some elders even today don't consider it improper for a father to discipline his children via hurting their private parts.

    Fortunately during the 1990s the policies have largely been cleaned up, but they have a ways to go. The person who runs the "Silentlambs" website can give you an earful on this. Fairly soon, hopefully within a couple of months, NBC will air a Dateline show that looks into this situation.

    Danni, I think you're beginning to see what a huge rock you've lifted up.


  • Danni

    AlanF I wanted to make a comment to you but I have to go back to work for the 6-11 shift tonight. I will get back to you ..

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Yeah Dave he's crazy as hell LOL..

  • AjaxMan


    I gotta admire you for what you did, you surely knew about them and started questioning them at least you can find their integrity. I'l have to a agree with the person who posted earlier that you spooked considering that you are a cop.

    BTW, where in Florida do you live/work?

    Also, I sent you an email.


    "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and the best things never die." - The Shawshank Redemption

  • DazedAndConfused

    Alan, believe it or not the man you were taking about in Woodland, WA is my daughter's Uncle through a remarraige of her fathers mother. From what I understand it was a very bad situation for the Witnesses there for a long time......reporters in front of the Hall for every meeting. tee hee. Anyway, this man apparently was loved by all of the children and he was perceived to be just a guy who liked to take interest with young children that had no fathers in their lives. His father is an Elder there in Woodland. From what I gather no one knew about it until one young man came forward with information. But as we know, if it WAS covered up, no one at the time it came forward would ever admit it. This guy is in jail and will be there for a long long time.

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