The Absolute "Climax" in My Life as ...

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  • cat1759

    This is so sickening. I knew they were slim balls but didnt realize their slim had slimmed it's way under your aunts door. How very sad.
    Report him. Don't stop to ask questions. Get this man away from these older folks. He needs to be in jail for what he has done to you and your family.
    Take care and know God is on your side to expose this man.

  • anewperson

    Erich, if you take this man to court then other people will also begin taking him to court.

    This sort of thing happens more often than many people would think but because in all nations it has been covered up.

    Erich, I have started to list some of the places where greed, money scandals and other problems occur and are hidden. Look at this:


    Croydon congregation in Victoria ("dried as dust")
    ================== ===UNITED KINGDOM================================
    Anfield: nepotism, greed, arrogance Falmouth in Cornwall (elitism, cliques, lying, coverups) Fort William in Scotland: man presumptuously disfellowshipped when trawler he sold sank claiming lives until case won on appeal Heaton in Newcastle "genuinely friendly," humble elders Llandudno in Wales: corruption/theft Maindy in Wales: --- Manchester, Irlam (scandals, wierd happenings) Milton Keynes - Fenny Stratford: overlording, later burnt down Peterhead: marking St Ives, Cambs: arrogance WSM: gossiping
    ======================UNITED STATES================================
    ALASKA: Special Comment: Several persons in and outside Alaska have commented that there is too much class (rich-versus-poor) consciousness. ARIZONA: Shea Heights in Scottsdale: favoritism etc Tempe -- Wickenburg: infighting,jealousy, self-rightousness Tuscon --CALIFORNIA: Chino Hills & Chino North: many hypocrite pioneer "elderettes," gossiping, greed, nepotism, cliques Oceanside -- Santa Barbara North, South, & San Roque: soap opera-like intermarriage intrigues Santa Cruz North -- Special Comment: This state probably has the most or greatest percentage of JW's in the United States. One comment (no proof) has been that two main leaders among ex-JWs groups in California are actually pro-Watchtower moles which is why activities there are kept relatively quiet. On the other hand, anti-cult internet work by Randall Watters ( has been especially intensive and effective.
    CONNECTICUTT: Danielson -- North Stonington -- Putnam --

    FLORIDA: Rio Grande in Tampa (nice, loving) Special Comment: several of the larger JW congregations in Florida are said to have problems of gross misleadership. One hall in the middle of the state may have seceded in the 1980s ILLINOIS: Addison (favoritism, unwanted sexual advances) Canterbury in Markham: favoritism, snobbery Glen Ellen (fast-talking, backstabbing) Wicker Park in Chicago (no details) INDIANA: Richmond (incompetence) KENTUCKY: Draffensville close to Paducah (pedophilia, harassment) * Special Comment: home to excellent anti-child molestation work by Bill Bowen who resides near Paducah; see his website. MAINE: Augusta: pedophilia, Larry Baker convicted * MASSACHUSETTS: Cambridge: lording it, arrogance East Southbridge: nepotism Oxford Congregation Sharon -- Worcester South -- Worcester North -- MISSOURI: Cabool (pedophilia) * Richmond (pedophilia, Tim Gardner convicted) * Special Comment: Note the two halls with pedophilia. In the 1980s some elders donned sacks and protested outside a convention site. Some comments are that the many congregations have clear indications of cult spying, both visual and electronic NEVADA: Wood Heights: pedophilia - Daniel Stevens Fitzwater convicted *

    NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hollis: pedophilia, Gregory Blackstock convicted * Wilton: pedophilia, Paul Berry convicted * Special Comment: Indications are that there may be additional lawsuits in and around the state of New Hampshire. Fundamentalists have also been more active here. NEW JERSEY: Bradly Beach: harboring molestor & shunning victim, nepotism Hawthorne: pedophilia * Hackensack: pedophilia * Hatboro on route 263 in Warminster: spying, coverups of affairs, nepotism Jackson: pedophilia/statutory rape incident * Nottingham: paranoia, harassment Pemberton/Browns Mills: greed Ramapo: pedophilia * Paterson: ignoring incest NEW MEXICO: Special Comment: This state may have one of the largest concentrations of Hispanic JWs. Therefore anti-cult work here needs to involve more usage of Spanish-language materials.

    NEW YORK: Special Comment: This is of course the home of the Watchtower Society. More effective work needs done here. The Watchtower Society appears to have pretend ex-JWs who pretend to be mental cases doing much of the anti-Watchtower "anti-cult" work here to discourage more effect real anti-cult activity in and around its Bethel headquarters complex NORTH CAROLINA: Millbrook in Raleigh: class snobbery OHIO: Medina: insensitive verbal abuses Wellsville: registered with Stratton village for door-to-door sales then sued it Wadsworth OREGON: Eagle Point: business improprieties, dishonesty Rogue River, (business improprieties, dishonesty Shady Cove business improprieties, dishonesty PENNSYLVANIA: Lansdale molesters, gossiping, abuse of power, favoritism SOUTH CAROLINA: Andrews, gossiping, snobbery, mean-spirited, molestation, sex scandals Charleston (all 10 halls), Laurens: sex scandals, favortism SOUTH DAKOTA: Rapid City one the "coldest" ever, harshness, only poor pioneers became elders

    TEXAS: Brady: gross incompetence San Antonio (poorer black-white-hispanic very loving Special comment: Many JW congregations in Texas (mostly middle-class up) appear to have a severe lack of love. Bonham, Texas, had a hall that seceded in the 1980s. Much anti-cult work is based in and done in Texas. VIRGINIA: Petersburg (some drunkenness) Virginia Beach (very welcoming) WASHINGTON: Fall City, Washington State: unloving, cliques, anti-college, gossiping, greed North and South Lynnwood: gossiping, backstabbing Port Townsend: snobbery and overlording, greed Ritzville (pedophilia, Manuel Beliz convicted) * Seattle Central: cold to outsiders) W VIRGINIA: East, South and West. corruption, child abuse,* favoritism, selfish Elk Valley of North Charleston: nepotism, pedophilia * Beckley Southglen: child abuse New River: child abuse,* Fidelity Group Inc insurance scam

    There are thousands of other examples like those and in many other nations.

    Erich, also tell your wife this. Increasingly people can and do study the Bible, show love for Jehovah and His Christ without the Watchtower Society in the United States, Germany etc. Contact for more information, please.

    My guess is you are somewhere in Africa. Why not inform them there, too? The elder is a thief. Throughout the Bible Jehovah sent good men to expose their evils.

  • Erich


    My guess is you are somewhere in Africa. Why not inform them there, too? The elder is a thief. Throughout the Bible Jehovah sent good men to expose their evils.

    Error. Not Africa.
    My native country is in center Europe...
    It's the same country where HITLER was born..;-((
    It's the same country that had the worst concentration camp in WWII (Mauthausen; only 15 miles far from my dwelling.., more than 500 JW's died there)

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