DC2015 New Release: Brochure "Return to Jehovah" for those who faded/left

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  • _Morpheus
    Holy ***** berry! Great catch! They couldnt even bothered to write something new!!!! They are so short on material they just coppied and pasted an article and published it as new
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    16 pages showing why you are wrong and we are right and how your complaints can be dismissed as nothing more than "hurt feelings".

  • Listener

    Thanks Berry Gerry. The article was a study article. I'll try to give a summary on each point based on the article. The first thing that is noteworthy is that it isn't directed towards disfellowshipped person, it is directed at inactive ones.

    A Letter from the Governing Body
    . The Lost One I will search for

    God seeks out inactive ones and so should the elders. All JWs should be encouraging inactive ones to return to the congregation where they can engage in activities that only JWs do. This includes studying the scriptures, attending meetings and preaching the good news of the kingdom.

    Oh and if you are studying with an inactive one who is interested in returning and you find out that he has committed a serious sin then you need to tell the inactive one to see the elders, failing this you have to tell the elders.

    2. Anxiety - Hard Pressed in every way

    Anxiety - financial problems/increased family responsibilities. Is your life better now having left? Try to get them to admit that their spirituality and happiness has diminished. Convince them that not being able to preach makes them less joyful. 3. Hurt Feelings - When we have a cause for complaint.

    3. Hurt Feelings - when you have cause for complaint

    (The logic on this is amazing)

    Men are imperfect, Jehovah didn't do this so why leave him and his people?

    The FDS dishes out excellent spiritual food and that's how they learnt the truth in the first place.

    If the person had received discipline then strongly tell him that he must at least be partly at fault and accept the blame for it (and we haven't even got onto the guilt issue).

    4. Guilt - Cleanse me from my sin

    Guilt because of wrongdoing. First there is the promise that if you have stopped preaching and attending meetings because you committed a serious sin but have stopped and are genuinely repented then you will be welcomed back. The elders can help him in receiving God's forgiveness. They forget to mention that it is the elders who decide whether they are repentant or not.

    A second mention, for emphasis, is made here regarding dobbing in those that have committed a serious sin.

    5. Return to the shepherd and overseer of your souls

    Tell inactive ones that only JWs enjoy true refreshment. Tell them that God expects us to do what we can and that they need to act now and oppose the devil and draw close to God. Future blessing await if they return without delay.

    In the article it mentions a number of times that inactive ones may be have bible studies before they actually return. It is also acceptable for any JW to try to reach out to them (they are not shunned). It will be interesting to see if this changes in the brochure.

    It sounds like more rehash and dishing out of stale food.

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  • millie210

    Yeah, well good luck with their little brochure.

    I fall into the chapter 3 category and all their reasoning does is piss me off more.

    Like a great quote I read earlier today - I will wait on Jehovah - I just wont do it at a Kingdom Hall.

  • freein2004

    This is definitely written for their current members. More propaganda for the sheep. I was just thinking today about how it seems that all the dubs say lately is "visit jw.org". I'm sure this has already been said but it seems like they are trying to keep their current members from talking to outsiders about their religion.

    They come to my door and knock once and leave a tract. It seems nobody has really tried to start a bible discussion in the longest time. One time this man did I assumed was an elder. When I talk to family or call Bethel they constantly try and direct me to jw.org.

    I am guessing their main focus now is keeping the members they have.

  • rebel8

    They are making a kids' version too.

    It's told from the perspective of Caleb. His 7 friends leave the Borg.

    Chapter 1: Joshua misses meetings after feeling guilty for masturbating. Jehovah is disappointed. And titillated.

    Chapter 2: Aaron has a Sparlock doll. Demons materialize as a snake while he's drinking his oj. Jehovah is sad.

    Chapter 3: Rachel wears red lipstick. She doesn't show repentance when the elders try to lovingly counsel her. Jehovah hates that, so he has to have the elders to throw her out the window. And he's titillated.

    Chapter 4: Matthew wears tight pants, and instantly turns gay. Jehovah is disappointed. And titillated.

    Chapter 5: Esther wears a skirt that shows her kneecaps. She immediately becomes a prostitute. Jehoopla is annoyed. And titillated.

    Chapter 6: Diana and Peter go on a first date after having met earlier that day at the literature counter in the back of the hall. Their chaperone leaves them together in the car for 5 minutes while he runs to the ATM. They instantaneously have sex. Diana gets pregnant, even after only this single sex interview (like cows). They are forced to have a quickie wedding in Peter's mom's back yard. Jehoho cries.

    Chapter 7: Luke lounges at Dunkin Donuts instead of watching his literature cart. No one is there to help the angels separate the sheep from the goats. Jehovah is pissed off. Lazy Luke. How is he going to develop his work ethic so he can dig all those graves in Paradise?

  • joe134cd
    Honestly I think this is a step in the right direction for them. The issues with growth in the west is been able to retain and revive it's existing membership. I believe this is far more cost effective and easier than knocking on doors trying to get a new convert. Good on you watchtower for at least recognizing the problem and trying to do something about it.
  • minimus
    Many people feel that they never left jehovah. They left the organization. The left the ridiculous lies.
  • ToesUp
    They left out a chapter in the new brochure...Learning TTATT.
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