DC2015 New Release: Brochure "Return to Jehovah" for those who faded/left

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  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble
    It appears that a new 16-page brochure, with the title "Return to Jehovah" is to be released at the regional convention (DC) this year. It would be written specifically for those faded or DA/DF.

    Chapters are:

    A Letter from the Governing Body
    1. The Lost One I will search for
    2. Anxiety - Hard Pressed in every way
    3. Hurt Feelings - When we have a cause for complaint
    4. Guilt - Cleanse me from my sin
    5. Return to the shepherd and overseer of your souls
  • Quarterback

    HAHAHA!!!! That's so stupid. How bout some alternative titles??

    1) TOMO likes chomos.

    2) We lie in court....that doesn't mean you should skip meetings.

    3) Yes, we are a commercialized religion, but Jehoobie will kill you if you disobey our ideas.

    4) OH GOD, please let us get away with this scam!!


  • sir82
  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    thanks Sir82, missed that one...sorry.

    data-dog, In my opinion, chapters could be renamed to the following:

    A letter from seven mortal men
    1. The lost one I will shun and avoid, even if (s)he still lives in the territory
    2. You are never doing enough - more field service, more meetings, family study...until you burn out
    3. Are you stumbled? Jehovah uses imperfect men to run his perfect organization
    4. Did you give in to normal human longings or perhaps touch yourself - naughty, naughty
    5. Return to the Cult and face a Judicial Committee that will DF you swiftly
  • Finkelstein

    Please return to Jehovah because we need your money and support.

    Building multi-million dollar complexes is expensive, as well air fare for the GB members to travel around the world.

    We know there's a lot information out on the inter-net that are organization is a fraud designed to create money and power for a few men but its all for a good cause to us and are lifestyle.

  • done4good

    Why would they even bother with this?


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Yah, return so that we can monitor, rule over you, harp on you and humiliate you all over again!:)
  • Londo111
    Growth is at a standstill in many places. Most baptisms are children of JWs...and only a third of those remain who were raised JW. There are many former JWs...it would make sense to try to get some growth that they are not seeing from door to door.
  • _Morpheus

    Marvins thread tittle completly glosses the topic! I didnt even bother clicking because it didnt seem interesting (at a glance). However a new broschure directed towards inactive ones does peak my curiosity.... The chapter titles, if accurate, betray an astonishing lack of insight as to why people leave.

    Of course that brochure isnt really written for the inactive. Its written, like all things, for the sole consumption of the faithful. Its a way to put reason to those that leave...either they were disgruntled or impatient, in effect. "See! I know thats why my brother or sister or best friend left because i read in this brochure!" After all, those that leave know better. We know exactly what our issues are and no brochure is going to fix. The org knows too. They will never address the real issues because of course they cant, but they can continue to put a smiling face on and look welcoming if for no other reason than to create a sense of comfort among those that stay for the fleecing.

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