Is Watchtower Literature inspired?

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  • ianao


    You are so full of crap. AlanF has given you a means to discover the sources to which he was referring to. This silly posturing of yours does nothing for your credibility. The only backtracking I see happening is your sincerity.

  • AlanF

    YoYo, you don't even know what "backtracking" means. I never intimated that I would post a name online of any WTS researchers, so I have nothing to backtrack on. However, on the phone I've given out such names after I've determined who I'm talking to, such as with Jayhawk.

    The ball is in your court. You can take the usual cowardly JW way out and do what you can to avoid getting hold of information you know will be damaging to your trust in the Society, or you can be bold and deal with the truth.

    This researcher thing really doesn't matter in the long run, because all of the information that the Society has covered up either has already been published, or will eventually be published. All you have to do, YoYo, is get hold of a few books, and wait for the new ones, and then compare the material with what's in the Proclaimers book.

    As for trying to get rid of you, YoYo, why would I do that? You provide a wonderful example of the JW mentality for all to see. You never really answer questions, and you're heavy into Orwellian doublethink. And you have the typical paranoia of a cult member, which is obvious to everyone not in your cult.


  • MacHislopp

    Hello YoYo,

    I would like to add something to Alan's

    excellent and factual comment:

    "...found out a lot about the history of the Society, from their own records, that the Governing Body and other officials decided was too hot for the JW community to handle, so they left it out. A great deal of the information in the book is so watered down that someone who doesn't already know the real story is totally misled. Whoever put the book into final form was thoroughly dishonest."

    * the book it is presented in subject and not in a
    chronological order. More diificult if not very
    very difficult for any JWs, to find out the true
    line of thoughts and above all events;

    * Try to compare the dates, the facts (not mentioned)
    of the " Proclaimers' "book, published in 1993,
    with the facts, and events mentioned in the book
    " The Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine purpose "
    published in 1958! You'll be surprised.

    The "Proclaimers' book, is really ...
    a re-written history .

    Let me know the result of your comparison.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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