For non theists: Stages of evolution, can we develop wings?

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  • Gerard
    Intelligence easily trumps flight as a survival advantage. --TD


  • cyberjesus

    This series are great, talk about self evolution.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Leo: "Clearly, Spanish and French and Italian did not "evolve" from Latin."

    And seriously, all Frenchmen know for a fact that Spanish, Italian, and Latin evolved from French! France being the point of creation for the entire universe! Don't even think of arguing with that FACT, Leo.

    MS: "Seriously though, I'd think being less dependent on certain agricultural products, could mean less land devoted to such, which could translate to an ecologically smaller footprint. So it could be an evolutionary move that would be a plus for us and the rest of the biosphere."

    Actually, most of us can easily live on much less than we actually eat. Part of the reason that my family tree is alive today is the fact that my ancestors of just over a hundred years ago had big appetites and slow metabolisms. In the temperate climate, they ate well during summer when there was lots of food. Their hungry appetite caused them to eat more than they needed and store the extra as bodyfat. During the winter, their slow metabolism helped them get by on what they were able to store in the cellar and on their bodies.

    Unfortunately, now that we live in a time of year-round plenty, our continuing hunger causes us to want to eat more than we need. And this time of year when my ancestors would have been living on less, well, I'm still eating more than I really need. Consequently, I need to keep dieting and exercising to compensate for my modern lifestyle.

    I suppose that if my grandparents would have evolved wings, they could have simply flown south during the cold, hungry winter months, just like geese. Unfortunately, they would have also been as stupid as geese. Nah, I'd rather drive a car or take a flight down south for a few weeks during winter.

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