my mum taught us very valuable lessons about Jehovah in her special way. Any other parents out there as psycho?

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  • jookbeard

    remember "the this is going to hurt me more then you son" line?

  • TanCatLuvr

    THis brought up a memory of a time when I was about 10 years old. I had been spending the day with another witness family that had girls close to my age.One of the girls had written somehing very small letters on the back of their bedroom door.

    The mother went ballistic and neither of the girls owned up to it. She made them strip naked and stand in front of the rest of the family (me included) while she took a belt and whipped them until one of the admitted the deed. I remember that the mother was suspicious of me as well but for some reason I have blocked out if I was punished.

    How humiliating for these young girs (one was hitting puberty) to be whipped naked in front of others! I remember not being allowed to go over there anymore and those poor girls could never look me in the eye again. This must have been the norm in their house or something.

    I have never witnessed anything so horrific since then.

  • In

    haha... boy, what if she'd been a mormon?

    Sounds like your mom would've been crazy and strict regardless of religion... sympathies you ended up with that lot, and I hope your adult life has dealt you a better hand.

  • rebel8
    Any other parents out there as psycho?

    Yes, similar to yours in some ways.

    lesson you will learn about jehovah like it or lump it

    lol--"it's a command to have joy in serving Jehoopla"--ultimate mind control
    Beatings where a fact of life for us kids. It always involved a piece of wood

    Yep-dubs were fond of wood because "rods" were mentioned in the Bible.

  • oompa

    just holy shit god chick....soooooooooo are amazing.......oompa

  • God Chick
    God Chick

    thanks everyone for sharing, nice to know it wasnt just my mum, but feel so sad and angry reading some of your stories. What some of you wrote is tragic. Probably the most tragic part though is that even though we are all adults those memories of so long ago still haunt . I dont understand how a parent can sit and learn about a loving God anhen treat their kids so badly. I brought up my kids in JW (they were 11 and 14 when we left) and never treated them like i was. Theres just no excuse.

    But just taking them there is abuse. my son was going through baptism question just when I was DF, he hated me for leaving. Then went through a stage of really hating me for the time he spent there, missed b.days etc.

    So glad we are out and he never got to grow up totally in there or got baptised.

  • nelly136

    when you're exposed to that kind of upbringing and see all the approving nods and smirks you assume its the normal way of doing things.

    i used to count my blessings that some of the other parents werent mine, i know i got off soo light compared to some.

    Godchick you broke the cycle, thats all any of us can do.

  • lrkr

    This is an amazing and harrowing thread. Of course we knew about the wooden spoon- mostly used on the youngest family members. The belt, etc. I really think someone should put together a compilation of these stories for a book or website. This abuse should be highlighted and shown to the world. I have tremendous guilt over insisting that my 3 year old sit quietly in the book study. I spanked him- but without spoons, or cords or anything else. (Still I shudder) Thank god we got out when he was about 7. We have enjoyed being semi normal since then.

    Thanks for the courage everyone had to talk about this. So sad.

  • TardNFeatheredJW

    I got the hairbrush. 5 years old and not used to staying still for hours at a time, so I would daydream or get antsy.

    Drag back to the bathroom and get my ass whooped a bunch of time. Christ, my mother was a fucking bitch. cough cough, I mean a good pioneer.

    I swore to myself, if I ever had to spank my child, I would never use anything but my bare palm and never pull down the pants to deliver it.

    Fucking savage assholes. I've seen pricks smack infants, pull hair, punch, hit, etc. Fucking savage assholes.

    I'd rather bore the shit out of my kids with lectures.

  • mama1119

    Man, this is a tough thread. Its heartbreaking...I am sorry to all of you that have shared your abuses on here, that must have been horrible. I didn't grow up in a physically abusive famuly, so I can't even imagine what any of you went through. I did see it alot in the hall though, and my Mom and I even went to the elders a few times about one lady..they told us to keep quiet. My Mom said she was going to call the police on it and they basically threatened her to keep her mouth quiet. I have three kids and could not ever, ever, under any circumstances bring them any kind of pain like this. I am so so so so thankful I got out before my kids were born. They will know nothing of this religion!

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