my mum taught us very valuable lessons about Jehovah in her special way. Any other parents out there as psycho?

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  • Mattieu

    Hi God Chick, sorry to hear about your upbringing, mine was nowhere near that bad.

    Yeah, we went through a few wooden spoons, but my Mum had her strange answers to everything in relation to Jehovah’s view on matters. I regret that she took everything and I mean everything that was said from the platform as coming from Jehovah’s mouth. So many things were said that were obviously elder’s personal views o n matters, but no she took them as being Jehovah’s (still does) and we paid the consequence... (Dam lost my smurf collection)

    Education/sports/clothes/hairstyles/movies/music.... the list goes on... “Jehovah doesn’t approve of that...” No. Some elder or his wife didn’t like something and we all had to fall in line...

    Sorry, Saturday morning rant...


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Hi God had it bad. Hope things are good now. So many JW kids were in a messed up situation and got out of the home first chance they got. I'm about ready to march on Brooklyn over this nutty religion.

    Your mom sounds like the mom from the movie......Carrie.

    Think About It

  • Quillsky

    I'll attest to the wooden spoon thing. My mother and all her JW friends belonged to The Wooden Spoon Brigade. Was it a JW thing or was it a 70s thing? (My dear mother, bless her, threatened it rather than using it.)

    My father however, discovered that a plastic horse crop was a good thing to use on his daughters. And he did. I honestly can't remember a single thing I did to deserve being beaten with a horse crop. I do recall my sister and I conspiring in the car after a meeting ("meeting night" being "beating night") to put on multiple layers of panties when we got home to lessen the pain.

  • God Chick
    God Chick
    Your mother probably should have been in jail. She sounds like and evil person to me. What is your relationship with her now? Are any of your siblings still with the Watchtower.

    Any family still in refuse to talk to me or my kids. Out of the 7 kids 4 are in 3 out.

    Godchick...were you at my KH? I remember this woman who loved to beat her kids with a wooden spoon, and kept a paddle in the bathroom.
    There were 5 boys and one little girl. She kept their hair short, but was able to grab that short hair and drag them back for beatings.

    Im in NSW Australia 6 girls and 1 boy, we all had long hair, great for grabbing.

    Hi God had it bad. Hope things are good now. So many JW kids were in a messed up situation and got out of the home first chance they got

    yep was screwed up for a while, but all good now :)

  • BabaYaga

    God Chick, I am so very sorry you and your siblings had to endure the wrath of a deranged person. As others have pointed out... physical child abuse under the guise of "discipline" is rampant and encouraged at many Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall meetings (at least it certainly was when I was growing up.)

    This thread is making me physically sick.

  • nelly136

    wooden spoon or any blunt weapon that came to hand, favourite saying of the time....'I'm not hurting my hand on you!'

    weird eyes, theyd go like pin pricks and vibrate during an assault, i could never get the correct expression expected of me and the assault

    would continue.

    even though one of my friends pulled me on it a few years back and i worked on it since, i still forget and revert to looking at the floor instead of peoples faces or eyes.

  • ClonedPup

    all sounds familiar. often after getting the crap beat out of me my mom would tell me i should thank jehovah for giving me such a good mommy because worldy people treat their children badly... if I didn't sit still during the meeting it wasnt a spoon it was a smack to the face and if that didnt work it was a beating in the back of the hall. i remember during one meeting one 'brother' came in back and said to my dad to do that outside because it was distracting from the talk. i think the org does something to people...takes already unstable personalities and gives them 'god's wprd' to justify their distructive urges.

  • cantleave

    I can relate. Mum is a true phsyco, who abused both me and brother physically and mentally whem we were growing up. She would now given half the chance and I'm 43. My older brother (an active dub and elder has nothing to with her).

    I suffered many severe beatings, pulling of our hair during the meetings. Forced to sit quiet for two hours a little kids on a saturday afternoon to prepare us for meetings. At home she would whip us with a belt.

    When my brother was very little he swore and she made him eat porridge with washing up liquid in it.

    I was late home from a friends once and missed the meeting and was locked out of the house all night - I was 13.

    When she read the daily text she would inevtiably find ways of chastising us, which would lead into a rage and beating just before school.

    When I got older I was frequently asked if I masturbated and told how bad i was. My friends were interviewed for suitability and I had to give them a youth book or bible stories book.

    We had to go every Saturday and Sunday morning to field service and complete at least 2 hours on a Saturday and 1 on Sunday. We would have a family study (another opportunity to berate and chastise) on a monday night. An elder would study with us on Wednesady or Friday. Tuesday was the book study.

    Yes my childhood was a shit. Sadly I made my kids early childhood shit too!

    I am so glad my kids will no longer have to suffer the pointless restictions and abuse that parents are made to inflict on their kids by the WTS. I am so sorry that my daughter has had 9 years and my son 7, of going to meetings and not celebrating birthdays, christmas easter and halloween. I am so sorry that I was strict with them at the meetings (not quite as bad as my mother - but still ultra intolerant), trying to get them to pay attention, to BS spouted from the platform. I did it so that the congregation could see a good example of a family unit, to prove that I was good cult elder.

    I hope they forgive me, because I don't think I can forgive my mother.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Holy crap - I am speechless. Thats just horrible.

    It reminds me of a book I read called "a child called it" by dave pelzer

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    That is just horrible. The organization is just not a good place for an unstable parent as your mother was. I hope you are far far away now. It speaks to your internal strength of character that you have any sense of normalcy now, so sorry you had to go through that. NMKA

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