my mum taught us very valuable lessons about Jehovah in her special way. Any other parents out there as psycho?

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  • God Chick
    God Chick

    OK before i start i know my mum was um "special" and had some, well...... bizzare training ideas.

    I was one of 7 kids, Dad didnt help much coz he was sick, so my mum was left to run the 'ship' and she did it with an iron fist.

    We were NEVER late for a meeting we sat, parents and 2 kids in one row the other 5 in row in front. We didnt move a muscle, or whisper if you did mum got out her wooden spoon and wacked us across the ears. If you did too much you got taken out the back with spoon and given more smacks.
    We HAD to put up our hands to anwser at least 10 times though any meeting. No exceptions! If you didn't know the answer you were told to say" i dont know".
    Pay attention at the meetings

    I remember one Christmas we were watching 'as a family' some Christmas show (don't know why, coz we didn't celebrate it). After it was finished mum said "why dont you hang up your socks on the fireplace".
    Ok pretty weird, didn't understand why she would say that, we questioned her why, she simply said "if you want to do it", so we all went to our rooms found socks, hung them up thinking mum would put in some lollies or something.
    Next morning we checked, she had poured in oil from Dad's shed (which we had to wash out), she then lined us all up (we aged from 4 to 14) and beat the crap out of us.
    We should have known the right thing to do regardless of what anyone said to us.

    We went witnessing EVERY weekend, rain hail or shine sick or dying we never missed. No one ever helped, so mum and dad split the kids between them, or if mum alone she took 3 kids the other 4 split in twos and went alone. We would be scared senseless walking around at ages 7 to 12 alone. mum would say dont worry you know more than anyone who comes to the door even if its a pastor, you have the truth.
    Lesson trust in Jehovah.

    We studied the watchtower/book for 2-3 hours with her every week so we could have good answers. regardless of what was happening in our lives.
    Remember being in my room, licking my wounds from a beating, mum comes to my room big smile on her face "ok time to study"
    lesson you will learn about jehovah like it or lump it

    Beatings where a fact of life for us kids. It always involved a piece of wood, mum holding one of our arms and belting us on any/all parts of our body. Over and over till we were left bruised. And you know we werent bad kids, i've racked my brain and i cant think of anything that bad, the worse thing i can remember doing was not returning a necklace i was lent by a friend at school.

    One of my sisters at age 10 had everything she owned except clothes thrown in the bin. Her crime didnt want give her toys to some little kids mum was babysitting.
    lesson jehovah likes people who share.

    Two of my sisters came home to find everything they owned on the footpath, locks changed on house. One sister had slept with her boyfriend the other just didnt want to go to the meetings anymore.
    Lesson obey jehovah or life with your family is over. And no you dont get time to find somewhere safe to live.

    Could go on about other of her training but they are some of those that were training us to be JW.

  • jookbeard

    tell me about beatings, my old man loved the thick leather belt, but not six of the best more like double figures, something sick about seeing a grown man frantically pulling his belt out of his trousers and thrashing a 7 year old kid. He hit me so ferociously hard once I had the marks for months, sick and sad.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Your mother probably should have been in jail. She sounds like and evil person to me. What is your relationship with her now? Are any of your siblings still with the Watchtower.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I thought I had it rough when I was a JW child. Thanks for sharing.

    I feel better now.

    Sour Grapes

  • linp24

    God Chick: You obviously had a rocky childhood. I hope that as an adult you are living a happy, freedom-filled life.

  • dig692

    Wow god chick, that is terrible! I didn't grow up as a JW or around JWs but I have heard from others that their childhoods were pretty rough. Beatings during meeting, wooden spoons with holes in them & belts to the bum, dips in ice cold water...etc. And the witnesses try to make it seem like JWs are the ideal parents. What terrible things to do to children in the name of a religion.

  • leec

    My parents had somewhat similar lessons, but theirs were to teach about RCism. I got the belt (or the "strap" as my dad called it), the football treatment, smacked bloody, all kinds of goodies.

    I suspect that, after I turned out wrong, they wised up somehow ... because my 2 younger brothers never got much more than verbal abuse, and my dad even paid attention to them occasionally, which was a major improvement in his technique.

  • brizzzy

    Your mom and my mom would probably have been best friends.

  • restrangled

    Godchick...were you at my KH? I remember this woman who loved to beat her kids with a wooden spoon, and kept a paddle in the bathroom.

    There were 5 boys and one little girl. She kept their hair short, but was able to grab that short hair and drag them back for beatings.

    Not one elder ever was obvious child abuse in front of everyone.

    Their home was could barely walk through the dirty clothes, dishes and accumulated garbage.

    I am so sorry about your upbringing, but more typical with JW's than you can imagine.


  • cry

    Godchick, you know, when I read this, I thought I knew you, but when you said 'one of my sisters' I realised I didn't because the family I thought of only had one girl. So, it sounds as though the 'wooden spoon' treatment wasn't unique. I witnessed it myself, and thought it was revolting, but others thought it was wonderful - no joke. At an assembly I witnessed someone 'smack' a baby really hard. The baby was wrapped in a blanket, so must have been really young. I was aghast, and looked around for some sort of recognition of the crime. Unfortunately, EVERYONE ingnored it, and I was (I am ashamed to say) left feeling that it was a private matter, even though it troubled me deeply. I hope you can separate what happened to you as a child to the adult you are now, and use it to be a loving compassionate human being.

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