Is Smoking Pot Harmful?

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  • WTWizard

    It is not possible to become physically addicted to weed. You can, however, become dependent on it if you are using it to mask problems. Physically, it can do damage to your lungs (like any other smoke can), and it can ruin your brain and your liver if used indiscriminately. However, it is possible for the medical benefits to outweigh the risks in some cases--smoking weed is probably safer than many of the pharmaceuticals that are so often used these days.

    As for smoking weed and then driving, I do not recommend it. That is, unless you want to be in an accident.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Well smoking anything is harmful. Weed, cigars, oregano etc etc. Introducing carbon and carbon monoxide into your lungs. That's why I use a vaporizer.

  • xbro

    well i love it,prefer home grown as its organic and its not financially supporting criminal activity. i have times when i take a break for a year or so,but generally it hwelps me deal with the abuse i recieved from my mother and the after affects of the jehovahs witness'.

  • JeffT

    The running joke at AA meetings here is that there are about 2000 well attended AA meetings in the Seattle area. There are about 6 Marijuana anonymous meetings a week, but nobody can remember where they are .

    All sorts of things are dangerous in large amounts, and the fact that marijuana is unregulated does not help. I would prefer to see it legalized and taxed.


    the Volcano rocks! (waves at wha happened)

  • Denial

    dr. andrew weil wrote a great book about this subject, called "The Natural Mind."

    he identifies the real harm as the dependancy on substance to attain an altered state of consciousness which can be reached without substance.

  • BurnTheShips

    Weil was a major user and researcher of entheogenic psychoactives. From weed to mushrooms to toad licking.

    He marketed himself very well and has become a brand. Now he's quite wealthy. You can't walk into a Whole Foods store or Barnes and Noble without seeing his bewhiskered mug smiling beatifically back at you.


  • KingDavidwasframed

    OK True story: I smoked a few times back in high school and figured (as a good little dub boy back then would) that I could get the same effects off of beer and not piss off my parents if caught.

    Fast forward to earlier last year, I was dating a woman who liked to have a toke and than get nasty sex wise. So I started to partake once more. The only side effects I have had is #1) my back pain is non-existent and 2), I get hard every time I hit the chronic now. Now I do not know if the second side effect/blessing can be attributed to the THC or my former lady friends Pavlovian technique, but I have to say - I am good with it. So what if I forget what I was going to do for the next half hour, my little King David sure will point me in the right direction LOL

    Also, my one friend has this cool bong that triple filters the smoke through water and has a chamber for ice cubes. So essentially, all the sticky and dirty crap is removed and the smoke is cool as it goes down your throat. I have never tried a vaporizer yet, but if I do and it gives me the same side effects/blessings - cool.

  • PrimateDave

    Is smoking pot Harmful? Well...

    A few months ago a Mexican friend of mine invited me to his birthday where I proceeded to get drunk on beer and threw up. I've never been that drunk before, and I hope never again. I'm not an alcoholic. I can live without alcohol but enjoy it on occasion. For me getting too drunk is not enjoyable.

    Around that same time I took up smoking pipe tobacco. Normally, one is not supposed to inhale, but I did on occasion. While I got the nicotine buzz, I didn't get addicted to it. I have since stopped smoking and kept the pipe as a souvenir.

    About the same time that I tried tobacco, another Hispanic friend of mine got me some "mota," i.e. pot. I finally got to feel really stoned for the first time in my life. I must say that things taste better when I'm stoned, and some of the other sensations are rather novel as well. After about a week of smoking pot in my off hours, I had had about enough of it. I just didn't want any more.

    Was it harmful? In a physical sense it was probably no more harmful than the industrial chemicals I have repeatedly been required to work with in my places of employment, the cummulative effect of which has caused me a certain amount of respiratory and nerve damage. It is probably no more physically harmful than a lifetime of eating meat, dairy, soft drinks, and refined foods, which have led to circulatory system damage and intestinal problems.

    The only difference is that pot is not a socially acceptable way of harming one's health, assuming it is smoked, while many other substances which we ingest or inhale still are. When compared to tobacco and alcohol, well with tobacco the buzz seems rather pointless, so I smoked it for its taste. Both alcohol and pot make one intoxicated. I can't understand why the intoxicating effect of alcohol is considered legally acceptable for recreational settings while the intoxicating effect of pot is not. Being drunk can't be any healthier than being stoned, and long term alcohol use can have severe health consequences.

    Pot is illegal because the legal system generates revenue by keeping it that way.

  • xbro

    well jesus showed that the recreational use of drugs was ok so its good enough for me!

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