Did you loathe going in field service, if so why?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short


    That about sums up filed service. Why do they not stop and look at the stupidity of it all. When you truly step back and see how crazy it all is, I just do not know how I did not see it before.

    It is just crazy and such a waste of time for us and the householder.


  • LongHairGal

    No, I never liked it. Besides field service the only other things I hated to do were housecleaning and ironing but I think I would rather do them instead. Besides, I wasn't really sure IF I should even be doing field service, and I wasn't 100% convinced about what the religion wanted me to say to people. I felt the magazines were an embarrassment. I felt rather foolish and stupid like I was trick-or-treating.

    The only thing field service was good for was getting exercise walking and looking at people's landscaping in nice weather. Maybe sometimes you got to work with somebody you liked and could have a good conversation as you walked along. Afterwards, you might grab lunch.

  • Stickybeak1

    YES!!!!! I always hated to talk to people I didn't know about things I cared nothing about, but unfortunately my father LOVED it. He always said if mom went first, he would enter the circuit work. I have awful memories of being forced to go on Saturday mornings and not daring to complain out of fear of my father's wrath. The threat of a beating always hung over my head if I refused to go. I had to pretend to like it like he did. He never understood why I didn't like it and my mother never said anything in my defense. Funny, now that he's dead she doesn't go out in FS as much as she used to. I think she secretly didn't like to go out as much as he did but went along to keep peace in the family. What a waste of years, pretending to like FS to fit in with the congo's idea of an elder's perfect family and wife. It makes me sick!!

  • aquagirl

    Dogs!!!! We had rashes of dog bites here and also Geese! sending a little girl out to walk to a house with 2 large German Shepards just didnt seem fair.I still have nightmares.And I saw a little old lady pummeled by 2 large grey geese.The watchtowers were flying and she was screaming.The Eder with us didnt do anything.Just had me open my car window and try to distract the geese.You haveto understand that the congo that I went to was full of particularly loathesome individuals.Just recently,when I told my mom about The elder,Brother R.exposing himself to me in service,repeatedly,she told me that he had sexually hit on her too...Sure wish I knew where he was now,I think Texas..Hmm.Also,I always dreaded the possibility of gooing to a school bullies house.Hell to pay on Monday morning in the school yard.

  • designs

    It was one thing to talk about the Bible or something interesting and current but it really became more about defending the Watchtower Society and its policies and history..........that was not fun and ultimately you just can't do that sort of thing for very long and I found myself increasingly looking for things to do on a Saturday morning like take on overtime at work

  • bluegirl78

    Yes, I hated it! There was very little, if any, real interest, and if you did place anything usually they were just taking it to get rid of you. One of the funniest things I personally saw during field service was when two brothers went up to the door and a lady answered wrapped in a blanket. She said that she worked 3rd shift and they had gotten her out of bed. She seemed to be politely trying to get rid of them at first, but of course witnesses are trained to never take "not interested" as an answer, so they persisted in asking questions, etc. After a few minutes she finally had enough and purposely readjusted her blanket, flashing them in the process... We immediately moved on to the next house. At least it livened things up a little bit and gave us something to laugh about.

  • Leolaia

    Cause it sucked. How's that for short?

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